Guo Dingfu gently said a word and then turned this word to the old age. Xiao Shouchen was busy and apologized. "It is Shouchen who thinks that he owes Zhou Guolao more health care now."

Guo Dingfu smiled and said nothing. Looking at the courtyard in front of his eyes, he couldn’t help but sigh, "I am afraid that all the big schools in this river’s lake are hard to miss. It’s really gratifying that today is always true."
"I didn’t think Guo Dingfu could hold out until this day, but my wish was fulfilled."
Xiao Shouchen smell speech is shaking his head. "The hospital hasn’t whitewashed it until January to see the true face. Moreover, Wan Jianzong’s wish for two hundred years can’t stop there."
Qin Baicheng knew what Xiao Shouchen was referring to. "What does he mean by inviting me here today?"
Thought of here, Qin Baicheng looked at Guo Dingfu beside him and saw that the old micro smiled and Xiao Shouchen argued that "the old man can’t see that day"
Xiao Shouchen’s smell of words is a strange way. "It’s only in January that the hospital will be whitewashed. Although Guo Lao spent a lot of life in Wan Jianzong, now he looks like he wants to wait until then. What should be the problem?"
But Nazhi Guo Dingfu shook his head and said, "Stealing the sky is the most telling lie to deceive people. You see, I seem to be a problem now, but it’s just a treasure."
Qin Baicheng and Xiao Shouchen are both eyebrows a wrinkly!
Qin Baicheng when andao "Lao Guo is really unusual today, always saying that he has a hunch that he is dead? But even if it’s true, you don’t have to say it will come out and tell it to Xiao Shouchen. What good is it for yourself? "
Xiao Shouchen was also suspicious. "What did he mean when he said this?" However, the face is full of regret, saying, "Guo Lao, I, Wan Jianzong, have spent all my life thinking that the sky will not be stingy these days, and Guo Lao’s wish will be fulfilled."
Qin Baicheng sniffed at the news and said, "Xiao Shouchen’s words are insincere. The last thing he wants to do now is that he also lost his face!"
Xiao Shouchen is not as good as turning to see Guo Dingfu when he does this. "On this self-restraint, I am not as good as him."
But when I think about this Qin Baicheng complexion, it suddenly becomes fierce. I stretched out my hand in the previous step and actually buckled the pulse door in Guo Dingfu!
Xiao Shouchen entranced is zheng! Even if Guo and Qin are familiar with each other, such a move is taboo, but Qin Baicheng has scruples about Guo Dingfu, and it seems that he has not felt it! Because of Qin Baicheng’s touch, it seems to fall!
So Xiao Shouchen can’t see something strange? When it was the previous step, I was about to see what was going on, but I couldn’t help but look back. "Guo Lao was still good just now. How can it be so short?"
Qin Baicheng cold hum a coercion to detain scattered turns out to be great fighting spirit! Even if it is better than Xiao Shouchen, it can’t help but go back!
But watching Qin Baicheng’s hands tremble slightly, Xiao Shouchen cried and realized that a smile always surfaced.
Because Guo Dingfu is dead!
Guo Dingfu died in front of Wan Jianzong’s courtyard!
Qin Baicheng held Guo Dingfu’s body for a long time. He never expected that his premonition would really come true today! The clouds are just entering the valley, and I don’t know the situation, such as Xiao Shouchen’s presence, and Guo Dingfu is dead at this time!
"It’s strange that Guo Dingfu, the head of the household, died!"
Watching Qin Baicheng wake up and hurriedly take Guo Dingfu’s body away, saying that he would go to find a blessing and bury it. Ranyan, who has been following Xiao Shouchen’s side, is hard to be silent again.
Xiao Shouchen "oh" turned to look at himself, the most loyal one, and smiled. "How can you be like an idea? Qin Lao has confirmed that Guo Lao has indeed died, and just now Qin Lao also allowed me to confirm, and I confirmed that these two people will have any problems? "
RanYan urgent way "but that Guo Dingfu just said to die and then immediately died it’s not too coincidence! Guo Dingfu can fake death if he can steal the day. The head of the door must not be ignored! "
Xiao Shouchen smiled and motioned for RanYan to go on. "In my humble opinion, the old man must be worried that the leaders will suddenly attack these days. They are outnumbered. First, they faked their death. First, the first-class leader was careless. Then he hid in the dark and attacked the leader. If the leader was injured by him, we would be at the mercy of them."
Xiao Shouchen smell speech a smile.
Worry is unforgettable and dies (chapter 532)
Worry is unforgettable and dies (chapter 532)
On Ran Yanru’s eagerness, but he always believed that Xiao Shouchen knew that he had long cared about the secret passage when he saw Xiao Shouyan still laughing at the moment. "I thought of the master’s wisdom and tricks. How could I not think of it?"
Thought of here, Ran Yanxin must see Xiao Shouchen that he is no longer eager to say, "Guo Lao’s martial arts are not really borne, but they are not far apart."
If he had not been damaged in the Sword and Bamboo Island Destiny War, he would be in good health. Even his martial arts would have to be seen by the patriarch now, not to mention his age. "
Xiao Shouchen paused and said, "It’s his years of hard work for such a character to steal the sky. Isn’t it difficult to know his death?"
RanYan zheng heart way "this is"
Xiao Shouchen’s face suddenly showed admiration and said, "Guo Lao’s move is really a bitter heart, but he still misses Wan Jianzong’s safety when he is in need, fearing that I will take advantage of it."
Xiao Shouchen looked at Ran Yan and smiled. "You Guo Lao’s move is a fake death, but it’s actually right in the middle of his plan. Think about it again. Guo Lao first told me that his life will soon be over, but he knew himself well. What is this?"
Ran Yan heard this and said to himself, "Isn’t this a trick to confuse people?" On second thought, he said, "Since the boss came to ask me like this, it’s not natural."
But he couldn’t think clearly enough to shake his head and said, "It’s stupid."
Xiao Shouchen doesn’t mind smiling. "Guo Lao is a VIP. He is faking his death."
Ran Yan was suspicious when he heard this. "So he didn’t cheat death?"
Xiao Shouchen shook his head. "Naturally, Guo Lao is dead."
Suddenly a proud Xiao Shouchen said, "Guo Lao is not an ignorant man and knows my wisdom. How dare you peep at me so little?" Just cheat death can deceive me Guo Laoru believe is strange. "
Full of confidence, Xiao Shouchen laughed again. "He can’t escape from the method of suspended animation. I found it worse. I just borrowed the inspection machine to send the force in, which has already broken all his meridians. He died even if he didn’t die."
RanYan this just white Xiao Shouchen so sure Guo Dingfu has been dead is dark sigh owners good means can’t help but praise.
Xiao Shouchen smiled and said, "Guo Lao should have known his number of years before he died. He had a hunch that he happened to be asked out by me today, so he played along with me. The position is to make us worry about not knowing what he left after this fake death, and not seeing him, and I don’t know how long he will live to mess with me."
For him, if he dies immediately, it’s all death if he doesn’t say it, but telling it frankly can make people feel nervous and happy. "
Said the sneer at a Xiao Shouchen way "but I am so easy to be deceived? Although Guo Lao didn’t dare to peep at me, he was always limited in wisdom. How can he beat me? "
Ran Yan heard this and realized that it was true! Naturally, Xiao Shouchen was praised for his wisdom. Xiao Shouchen knew that his words were sincere and he was also accepted.
"If the old man is really dead, Taishishan will be afraid of others. The time has come!"
Ran Yanxin is afraid of people who are not Guo and Qin. Although there are several soul-level masters who can go to the sword gate, it is not bad. Even worse, the number of people is a shoo-in
"Qin Baicheng’s martial arts are similar, but it’s just a slight difference, but Guo Dingfu’s martial arts are hard to ignore, but now I’ll stand in the way of Jianmen as soon as he dies!"
It’s no wonder that the opportunity suddenly came. Ran Yan was jubilant and said, "The walking cloud was trapped and killed in the second door of the mountain of Taishi Mountain in Anle Valley, and the owner will finally be in control! Now that the old man is gone, it is a godsend opportunity! "
Xiao Shouchen laughed when he heard this. "That’s true, but we can’t act rashly. The strength of Excalibur Gate is good, and it’s hard for us to be damaged in the long-term strategy in the future."