On this day, the wedding of the young couple is also ready to be held in the afternoon, and Yu yat sen villa and others are also invited to be witnesses

The young couple invited more than a dozen friends, but fortunately, the owner of this hot spring villa lived in that courtyard by himself, and there were not many people in it.
In order to attend this Japanese-style hot spring wedding, Yu Yat Sen also changed into a grand suit, and she and Lengbing arrived at the scene. Many seasonal flowers were arranged here, and the whole yard was like a colorful garden.
Chapter two hundred and sixty-two Eventually
Yu yat sen villa ate cherries at the cold dining table, and soon Min Anxun came. He was dressed in a dark blue color and looked more graceful than the groom who was holding a wedding.
But fortunately, a few of them were in the corner and not many people noticed them.
"Yat sen villa, it’s so beautiful that you are wearing this outfit today." Min Anxun’s mass at the right hypochondrium is a little revealed, and his face seems to be smiling again with Yu Yat sen villa.
Yu yat sen villa tried to eat cherries and ignored Min Anxun’s cold ice silence, saying that she didn’t hear anything, and Melanie could stare at them because she didn’t understand.
"Yat sen villa, don’t do this. Yesterday, you asked me to investigate something. Do you want to hear it?" Yu Yat sen villa just kept catching the cherry talons and looked at Min Anxun faintly. "Let’s hear it."
"Gong Jintian is in charge of the international hotel chain project. More than a dozen hotels are open in Japan, including Hotan Hotan Group. Some of these hotels are in the form of Tian He Hotel’s shareholding. Some of them are simply the renovation of buildings bought by Gong Jintian from Tian He. On your first day in Tokyo, the hotel was originally a club of Tian He Group." Seeing Yu Yat Sen frowning and thinking, Min Anxun smiled. "The most interesting thing is that even I didn’t know that Datong and Tian He were this before."
It turns out that Datong and Hetian He have long been together, which can also explain that Tian He Xiu has a pair of her hearts. So that person who is familiar with Hetian He Xiu is probably Gong Jintian?
"Tian He Xiuyi and Chase are nothing more than that?" Yu yat sen villa asked
"This is the current investigation." Min Anxun shook his head. "This is only a day’s work. Maybe there are more discoveries behind it, but even with the help of Tian He Xiuyi, you can’t make a move." Min Anxun was most worried that Yu Yat Sen ran to confront Mo Ye.
Yu yat sen villa waved, "I never liked the way of killing 300 enemies with one thousand injuries." Yu yat sen villa was too lazy to take a reason for Min Anxun. Her mind kept thinking that if that person Gong Jintian wanted to sneak around, it was wrong.
The couple’s wedding is over. They warmly invite everyone to soak in the hot springs. Yu Yat Sen can’t accept the refusal for men and women to soak in the hot springs together and return to his room.
She slept, and it was already dark. Yu Yat Sen suddenly had a bright mind. She got up and found out the information of Tian He Xiuyi from the ipad network. She graduated from Tokyo University five years ago and participated in the one-month high-end business exchange meeting of Tokyo University … She remembered that Zhuo Xuanyu also participated in this business exchange meeting of Tokyo University. Is it true that Hetian Hexiu is actually Zhuo Xuanyu? And Tian He Xiuyi and Zhuo Xuanyu are also very friendly to her?
This logic makes sense, but Yu yat sen villa always feels strange.
So she got up and called Gong Jintian and asked about Tian He Xiuyi’s "Mr. Tian He Xiuyi? Yes, many and a half months ago, Tian He Xiuyi also visited China, but Mr. Tian He kept a low profile and didn’t want to publicize the merger with Datong, so we didn’t deliberately announce the merger with Tian He, "Gong Jintian explained." I didn’t tell Tian He Xiuyi about your vacation in Tokyo. "
"… OK, I see. Please send me all the project materials of Chase and Tian He." Yu Yat Sen decided to study the Tian He delegation and Chase delegation well.
"So you didn’t tell him about my pregnancy?" Yu yat sen villa ask again
Gong Jintian sweated a "manager Yu, why should I tell him this kind of thing? I didn’t say much about you when I talked with Hetian Wo Xiu. "
"… Oh" Yu Yat sen villa sullen is not Joe Brownie nor Gong Jintian?
"So, is there anyone who knows me well and is nice to Tian He Xiuyi?"
"Mr. Tian He Xiuyi and low-key and Tian He Tuanhe I also mostly deal with his assistant. To say that Tian He Xiuyi is a good man, there is a lot less." Gong Jintian wanted to mean to say.
Zhuo Xuanyu? Yu yat sen villa a surprised mobile phone fell to the ground, but how could it be Zhuo Xuanyu? He’s still behind. No …
She really can’t understand this situation … Maybe Tian He Xiuyi and Joe Brownie know the truth? It’s better to guess here and go directly to Tian He Xiuyi!
Yu yat sen villa asked Fang Yao to make an appointment with Tian He Xiuyi and wanted to invite him to dinner. Tian He Xiuyi agreed.
Yu Yat-sen’s place to treat guests is the best sushi restaurant in Japan. Send it to Ichiro’s house bridge to make an appointment before coming to this store. Yu Yat-sen spent a lot of money to buy an appointment number from others.
There is no regular menu in this store, and guests will get the chef’s customized menu
Obviously, Tian He Xiuyi likes Japanese food here very much. He can’t finish talking about it. I knew this the first time I saw Tian He Xiuyi Yu Yat Sen, which is why she had to choose the place to eat here.
"Mr. Tian He was very moved by me, but I still have some doubts in my heart. In fact, Mr. Tian He and I just met Mr. Tian He. How did you know that I was pregnant? Yesterday, I specially asked the doctor to come over for a check-up." After everyone had eaten almost half a meal, Yat Sen said that she met Mr. Tian He this time. She wanted to know where Mr. Tian He got the news.
Tian He Xiuyi’s face turned stiff. He took back his chopsticks hand. "I’m sorry, I was thinking about Miss Yu, but I didn’t expect to worry Miss Yu. Well, half a month ago, I went to China to talk about things with Mr. Gong, and occasionally I heard that Chase employees talked about it. I knew you were pregnant. Yesterday, I heard that you were not feeling well, so I quickly thought of your pregnancy and called a doctor to come over to Miss Yu. I’m sorry that I took the liberty to make you uneasy."
"…" This explanation is barely reasonable. It’s sunny and smiling at the rest of the night. "It’s because I should thank Mr. Tian He that I got Mr. Tian He when I first arrived in Japan. I’m really grateful. By the way, I heard from Gong Jintian that Mr. Tian He and my husband knew each other very well earlier?"
Chapter two hundred and sixty-three This woman is terrible
Tian He Xiuyi secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Zhuo Xuanyu, the wife, was really very clever. She accidentally let her see the clue. It seems that she still has doubts in her heart now. He should be careful.
"Yes, about five years ago, there was a business exchange class at Tokyo University. That’s when Mr. Zhuo and I met. Mr. Zhuo and I hit it off and exchanged a lot of ideas and opinions. We found that we can understand each other very well. As you China people say, we hate meeting late. Alas, I never expected such a thing from Mr. Zhuo … But don’t worry, Miss Yu, I’m sure Mr. Zhuo will be fine."
Tian He Xiuyi sighed with emotion and suddenly her eyes were full of hope. "Miss Yu must not be too sad or impulsive."
Yu yat sen villa looked sad for a moment. "Will it be all right?"
"That’s right. Mr. Zhuo will be fine. Maybe he will appear in front of you soon!" Tian He Xiu vowed that he was thinking about comforting Yu Yat sen villa, but he didn’t expect his words to make Yu Yat sen villa listen to the in the mind more confused.
Tian He Hideyoshi didn’t know anything about the follow-up search and rescue of Zhuo Xuanyu’s falling into the sea in Japan. Now he can swear that Zhuo Xuanyu is fine? Look at Tian He Xiuyi’s look, he is so sure and convinced that it seems to him that Zhuo Xuanyu’s return is an established fact rather than a good wish.
Yu yat sen villa heart missed a beat, she vaguely felt something. She kept a close eye on Tian He Xiuyi. "Mr. Tian He, how can you be so sure that Xuan Yu is okay? Do you know something?"
A cold sweat broke out behind Tian He Xiuyi. "Well, we Japanese all have faith. I believe Mr. Zhuo will come back soon." Tian He Xiuyi felt that he could no longer stay with Yu Yat Sen. This woman’s observation and perception ability was so strong that she could keenly feel the meaning behind every word and expression of others! He just said a few words to Yu yat sen villa, and this woman guessed that he knew other things! It’s terrible! It’s terrible!
"Faith? Is everything you just said based on faith? " Yat sen villa feel a little incredible just now Tian He show a look is for sure!
"Yes, it’s faith. Miss Yu, let’s take a look at this sushi. This fish egg sushi is very good, not only delicious, but also very nutritious and suitable for you." Tian He Xiuyi sweated at the tip of her nose and hurriedly changed the subject.
"… thank you" Yu yat sen villa a face of suspicious but didn’t continue to struggle to obviously Tian He show repeatedly escape this matter, but from the situation just now, it seems that Tian He Xiuyi may really know something.
What on earth is he so sure that Zhuo Xuanyu will be fine?
In the first half of this sushi banquet, Tian He Xiuyi ate pregnant in the second half, but he was afraid. He always felt that Yu Yat-sen’s eyes were spinning around him like perspective eyes. Tian He Xiuyi felt that Yu Yat-sen was a mind reader.
Finally ended the dinner. Tian He Xiuyi quickly left with her assistant.
While Yu yat sen villa is sitting in situ without going to leave.
"Fang Yao Bingbing, do you feel that there is something wrong with Tian He Xiuyi just now?" Yu yat sen villa swallow the last bite of fish roe sushi suddenly asked
"Yes, I became nervous after talking about Mr. Zhuo. I saw him holding chopsticks unsteadily several times." Fang Yao expressed his observation.
"Well, his face is stiff at the back, too. Miss Yat Sen, you once said that when a person laughs stiff, his mouth is not right. Is he lying?" Lengbing also spoke his own analysis.
"It seems that I am not the only one who feels that Tian He Xiuyi has something to hide from me. He may know more about Zhuo Xuanyu … I have a bold guess that Tian He Xiuyi may know where Zhuo Xuanyu is." Yu Yat Sen crossed his arms and looked at Lengbing and Fang Yao.
The two women were frightened by Yu Yat-sen’s speculation. "Miss Yat-sen, you mean Zhuo Shao is still fine and Mr. Tian He Xiuyi has seen him!"
"This is my guess. Tian He Xiuyi went to S city half a month ago. Maybe that’s when he met Zhuo Xuanyu. Now Tian He Xiuyi not only knows so much about my situation, but also makes sure that Zhuo Xuanyu is fine. Gong Jintian knows nothing about the whole thing and has never revealed anything to Tian He Xiuyi. Joe Brownie obviously knows something to help Tian He Xiuyi hide."
Fang Yao and LengBing nodding "Yu Zong, it is possible for you to guess like this, but you can’t be sure that it is … not as good as …" Fang Yao looked at LengBing.
Yu yat sen villa smiled and clapped his hands. "Yes, it’s better to let Bing Bing determine one."
Lengbing has a tangled face. She just got into trouble with Joe Brownie the other day. She won’t answer the phone these days. Now do you want her to take the initiative to contact Joe Brownie?
However, Miss Yat Sen Leng Bing decided to put her face first, and Leng Bing dialed Joe Brownie’s words in the expectation of Yu Yat Sen and Fang Yao.
"Dear Bing Bing, you finally agreed to contact me. I’m almost sick without hearing your voice these days." Joe Browne exaggerated his tone and did not hide his hot feelings at all.
"… you give me shut up! I have something to ask you! " Leng Bing blushed and growled. This time, it was still Joe Browne who said something, and both Sunny and Fang Yao could hear it.
"… Bing Bing, don’t ask me. If you ask me, I’m afraid." Joe Brownie still has a lingering fear of being caught by Bing Bing.
"Shut up and listen to me honestly!" Lengbing growled again, "I ask you if you know where Zhuo Shao is?"
"…" Joe Brownie almost scared silly for a long time before he found his voice. "Bingbing, what are you talking about? How do I know where Mr. Zhuo is? Isn’t Gong Jintian continuing to search for Mr. Zhuo now? "
"Don’t you know? But before and I met Tian He Xiuyi, Miss Yat Sen, and he met Zhuo Shao. It was half a month ago that Mr. Tian He Xiuyi went to China. "Lengbing fooled Joe Brownie according to what Yu Yat Sen taught her.
Joe Browne at the other end of the sentence suddenly fell into a battle between heaven and man. He didn’t understand how Lengbing became so refined. She found out the truth with such a few clues … No, this is not Lengbing style. Joe Browne suddenly woke up. He knew Lengbing, a woman with developed limbs but a simple mind. This complicated thing is definitely not something she can think about!