"Ah, my mother also received your Wangs, so let’s go home quickly."

"You don’t worry, it was my advice that I was afraid that you wouldn’t agree and didn’t discuss it with you. I just wanted my brother and mother to live a better life."
"Thanks" Xiang Ye was moved by Wang Qiang’s simple words.
"What are you welcome to me? Although we have only been brothers for two days, I already regard you as my own brother."
Wang Qiang is the kind of person who will never change once he has identified something. In fact, Wang Qiang has never thought that it is his simple personality that will make a sincere friend and become a powerful person in the future. It is also because of this friend that their Wang family has reached its peak.
Mountain Road Although Wang Qiang said that the original bet was a joke, Xiang Ye insisted on carrying him through the journey. Today, Xiang Ye overfulfilled the exercise, not only climbing the mountain half an hour faster than yesterday, but also carrying Wang Qiang, a heavy object, even carrying Wang Qiang.
After re-entering the Wang family, Ye Xiang has become accustomed to seeing things. Wang Qiang wanted him to live in the Wang family. Xiang Ye didn’t have too much resistance to this matter. Although he didn’t want to send someone to fence, he chose to stay with his mother. He thought that once his own ability rose, he would definitely take her out and build an upright leaf home for her to enjoy.
Just got home, Xiang Ye couldn’t wait to go to his mother’s yard. After all, he had to explain these things to his mother.
"Empress …" When she reached the door, Xiang Ye called her mother.
"Oh, it’s Xiang Er’s back. What’s going on? Today, a few people suddenly came and said to me that it was the Wangs. They also said that their gentleman asked me to go to the Wangs to enjoy life, which made me confused." Ye Mu asked her questions when she saw entering the house in Xiang Ye.
"Well, Mom, Wang Qiang, the gentleman of the Wangs, and I became good friends. Wang Qiang wanted you to have a good time and took you over."
"So will this bother people?" Leaf mother asked with some hesitation
"Don’t worry, Mom, you haven’t had a good rest for nine years. Now I will help the Wangs to do something. Please stay here for a while. Don’t worry, Mom, your son will let you see our leaves flourish one day." Xiang Ye solemnly promised his mother.
"My dear mother believes in you, and whatever decision you have, she will support you. I believe your father will be proud when he comes back." Ye Mu also said when she saw sensible things.
After a conversation with his mother, Xiang Ye has been relieved. He has decided to strive to improve his strength in the next two years and strive to have a decent home to support his mother well. However, he knows that it is very difficult to achieve his goal, and he needs to make several efforts.
The next day, Xiang Ye still took Wang Qiang to climb the mountain. This time, he still set himself the goal of reaching the Eagle Terrace half an hour before yesterday. After a day of practice, he returned to the Wangs, which was different from yesterday. When they got home, they were called to the hall the day before yesterday by the three Wangs.
On the way to the main hall, there are some doubts in their hearts at this time. On weekdays, three elders in the family are very busy. Grandpa Wang Yunxiao of Wang Qiang is busy practicing and looking for opportunities to break through into monks. Grandpa Wang Ben is dealing with a series of family things. Father Wang Yuanzhi is even more mysterious and rarely shows up. Now, how can he summon himself twice in three days, and he still attaches great importance to the Wangs Hall?
At this time, not only is Wang Qiang confused, but Xiang Ye is also a little confused. Although he saved Wang Qiang’s life, there is no need for the Wangs to meet him twice in a row, which makes him feel that something is going to happen.
Each has his own thoughts. At this moment, the two men have arrived at the hall. Xiang Ye looked up and looked at the scene inside the hall. It was still the same as the day before yesterday. Grandpa Wang Qiang sat in the middle. On both sides, his father and his second grandfather walked into the hall or did they greet each other and wait for three people in the middle of the hall.
"This Ye Xiaoyou has been in Wang Jiayou for three days. How do you feel?" Grandpa Wang Qiang said first.
"Senior Wang, you’re welcome. Just call me Xiang Ye. Thank you very much for taking care of me these three days." Xiang Ye replied.
"Hey, Grandpa, if you have something to say, just say it. It makes us both confused." Wang Qiang said impatiently when he saw Grandpa’s email.
"Is this the way you should talk to your grandfather? Is it itchy again?" Wang Qiang’s father Wang Yuanzhi shouted at him.
"Ha ha, the young master has been over ten years. The young master’s temper is so bold and straightforward. I like the style of my eldest brother and I in those years. Don’t blame him." Wang Qiang’s second grandfather also defended Wang Qiang.
Hearing the second grandpa speak for himself, Wang Qiang secretly made a sign towards Wang Ben. It seems that the two feelings of Ye Sun are really good.
"Cough SEC. Uncle is not all you spoil him. If you don’t spoil him, I don’t think how dare he be presumptuous." Then he gave Wang Qiang a hard stare.
"Well, now that Qianger has said I’m in trouble, I’ll make a long story short." Wang Yunxiao’s face was a little serious at this moment.
Hear is the Lord said Xiang Ye both straight at this moment some things ready to listen to.
Looking at the seriousness of the two men, Wang Yunxiao smiled and said, "You two are not so nervous. In fact, it is a good thing to call you here today."
"Good thing?"
When they saw Wang Yunxiao selling again, they were even more confused.
As if I understood the confusion of the two people, Wang Yunxiao continued to talk. "In fact, I called you two here today to recognize each other."
"What do you want to know? Grandpa, please say it quickly. I’m tired of waiting." Wang Qiang finally couldn’t hold back at this moment
"Or for me, bar owners, after these two days of observation, I feel that Ye Xiang Xiaoyou is very good and you are very good. We decided to let you two brothers of the opposite sex live in our house more conveniently from now on, and your grandfather decided to give Ye Xiang Xiaoyou our home exercise skills." At this moment, Wang Yuan made a mouth.
"If you want to, today you are also our master of the Wangs. You will have what Wang Qiang has." Grandpa Wang Qiang also said.
Chapter 9 endeavoured ()
Wang Qiang’s face lit up when he heard that his father and his second grandpa had told him about today. "That’s great. We actually have this idea, don’t we, Xiang Ye?"
While Xiang Ye was a little surprised to hear the news at this moment, it is reasonable that the Wangs don’t need to woo themselves, and they are too weak to be half-sized, and even if they have not found out what it is, what will make them woo themselves so much? Especially just now, Wang Qiang’s father also said that he would give himself Wang Jialian’s body-building skills, which was a sudden good thing. At that time, he had some ways to accept that he couldn’t think of White King’s family.
Seeing that Xiang Ye and Wang Qiang didn’t speak for a while, he was shocked by such a good thing, so he said, "What’s the matter? It won’t be happy and silly, or I’ll kick you to let you know it’s true."
Ignoring Wang Qiang’s words, Xiang Ye said at this moment, "Little stupid doesn’t know what a few seniors saw. Although I saved Wang Qiang’s life, you will never attract me because of this. I want to hear the reason, otherwise I’m afraid I can’t accept it. Of course, my relationship with the Wang Qiang brothers will not become that I can’t accept the gift from the Wangs and know that I still have it."
"Ha ha is really good. It seems that our Wang Qiang has a good eye. Finding a brave and resourceful person who doesn’t covet the benefits for no reason can still control his friend in the face of great temptation. Since Ye Xiaoyou is confused, we will explain it to you. Let’s talk about it." Wang Yunxiao said to himself.
"Well, Ye Xiaoyou must know the present situation of Qingyuan Village now. Although we have a lot of power in the Wangs, there are still Zhong Jiahe Li family in our face," said Wang Yuanzhi.
It is true that there are three major forces in Qingyuan Mountain, among which the Wangs are the least powerful, because both Zhong Jia and Li Jia have monks’ cultivation skills instead of the Wangs’ exercise skills, among which Zhong Jia has a good saying that there is no ambition to compete for power, and he is content with the status quo and wholeheartedly manages Qingyuan Village; But the Li family is different. Li Zhentian, the contemporary master of the Li family, is an ambitious guy. Although his power is not as strong as that of the Zhong family, it is not comparable to the outbreak of the Wang family. After all, the exercise method is the same as the monk’s practice method
"The lees have been squeezing our Wangs over the years. Although there are three masters in the Wangs, they can still make the lees fear. But once Wang Qiang and my second grandfather’s birthday comes, it will be when the Wangs are exterminated, and the life span of the monks is much longer than that of us ordinary people. That Li Laotou must live longer than the two of us if there is no accident." Wang Yunxiao also said.