Windson a stay unexpectedly dare to take the initiative to provoke flower thieves? It’s tolerable! Windson immediately turned the horse and pressed Han Yu in the body. His hands were divided into two ways and he leaned into Han Yu’s pajamas and pinched it wantonly.

Han Yu and Lin Feng have been separated for several months. Where can they stand the attack of Lin Feng? It was only after a short time that Hanyu snorted that she became heavy and limp all over.
Lin Feng skillfully removed the last piece of equipment from Han Yushen and said with a smile, "Does the beauty know that Grandpa is amazing?"
"I … I will be afraid of you … ah …"
Before Han Yu finished speaking, Lin Feng choked a pink agate that had already stood upright, so Han Yu couldn’t help but scream.
Lin Feng in Han Yu’s mature and exquisite county fully displays his teasing to confuse a noble, elegant and beautiful young woman on weekdays. Chun Qing Bo didn’t rob the horse until Han Yuxiang sweated and begged for mercy. Lin Fengcai took the Huanglong …
After that, Han Yu climbed contentedly in Lin Feng’s chest and gasped. Her moving face, Hongxia, did not fade, adding a little charm.
When the tide of pleasure finally stopped, Han Yu seemed to think of something, raised his head and suddenly asked, "Xiaoye? How did you come back so soon? Isn’t it half a year to choose training? Don’t … "
"It’s not what you think!" Lin Fengbai Han Yu explained what he was thinking, "I passed the Mecha Operator Training Institute before I performed well, so I was released for a month and a half. I just came to see you on the plane."
"Really?" Han Yuwen immediately moved and hugged Lin Feng.
"Of course it’s true," Lin Feng gently stroked Han Yu’s silky skin and suddenly asked curiously, "Sister Yu, how did you recognize me just now?"
"Who made you a little pervert fall in love again?" Although it is a joke, Han Yu looks at Lin Feng with deep affection.
Windson chagrin shook his head or body smell how to forget this again?
"Who let the jade elder sister you are so charming? I feel very normal, but just now, the jade elder sister’s performance seems to be very …" Windson teased.
"Don’t say you’re a little bad guy!" Han Yu held out a hand of fine fine jade to cover Lin Feng’s mouth and wouldn’t let him.
Windson gently pulled Han Yu’s hand and smiled. "How have you been recently?" Is the situation in the company okay? "
"With the support of you as a major shareholder, it is difficult to form a strategic partnership with the Sun Shi consortium." Hanyu said that it was a little absent-minded to draw circles in Lin Feng’s chest. Although the Fire Phoenix Group is Hanyu’s painstaking efforts, Hanyu is more willing to say something very much in love and enjoy this rare tryst atmosphere when she is with Lin Feng.
"Are you? That’s good. "Lin Feng is also asking casually. He has long guessed that the exhibition of Hanyu Group went smoothly. Although Yu Sun gave Lin Feng the 20% shares of Fire Phoenix Group:: transfer, Lin Feng can still grant Hanyu as his agent and add Hanyu’s own 35% shares, which is tantamount to completely controlling the Fire Phoenix Group and never being able to do it again.
"Xiaoye, how many days will you stay on earth this time?" Han Yuwang windson eyes full of expectation and asked
Windson calculated "about 1o days or so.
"So little …" Han Yu was disappointed and faint. "Then can you still take time to play with me? Don’t worry, I won’t rob your sister … "
Windson some upset mouth quickly promised "rest assured that I will come with you"
"Of course it’s true." Windson didn’t want this topic to ruin the atmosphere. Talons touched Han Yushen again and laughed. "Beauty, let me hurt you again …"
Chapter 57 Blue House Reflect
A simple, handsome and cowardly middle-aged boxing in Xinglan’s compound.
Fierce fist wind howling cold palm wind fierce middle-aged male figure is like a dragon in the sea, mysterious and clever, but hidden in rigorous movements, one static, one stroke and one style, showing a magnificent spirit. If Lin Feng were here, he would be unable to help but admire "good kung fu!"
Suddenly, the middle-aged man screamed loudly, and when he reached the apex, he was swept away like an eagle fighting rabbits, and his right palm slammed into a boulder half a meter square in the courtyard and immediately fell apart and should be thrown away.
"good!" A good abrupt rang at the gate of the courtyard.
The middle-aged man frowned slightly and seemed to be dissatisfied with being disturbed. "Yan, didn’t I tell you not to be disturbed when I was practicing?"
Although the middle-aged male voice is dull, the tone contains the sense of coercion unique to the position, which makes Lan Yan, who has just entered the hospital, jumpy and hurriedly distinguish, "Uncle, I have something urgent to find you!"
Uncle Lan Yankou, the father of Lan Beibei, the head of the Lan family, turned to Lan Yan and asked, "What is it?"
Lan Yan has always been afraid of this uncle in front of him and dare not look at him. He turned his attention to the hit boulder. He just wanted to talk but gasped involuntarily. He saw that the boulder was broken into several pieces. It was full of frost and colorful halos in the sunlight. It was eye-catching, but what was really surprising was that the frost and gravel were full of dense tiny cracks. If it were not for the frost package, I am afraid it would have become a pile of sand. This is the perfect performance of ice and ice training to a high depth.
"What’s the matter?" Blue Night Han saw that Blue Rock suddenly froze with some dissatisfaction and asked coldly.
Lan Yan immediately woke up and wiped her head with cold sweat and replied falteringly, "It’s Beibei Beibei …"
Hear what is blue beibei LanYeHan heart in a surprised quickly drink a way "quick say! Beibei, what happened to her? "
Lan Yan was startled and blurted out, "Beibei has escaped …"
"What a mess?" Lan Yehan breathed a sigh of relief and asked, "What escaped? Isn’t she studying well at Lanyang University? Did you get her up? " Speaking of later, Lan Yehan’s tone suddenly became gloomy.
"No, no …" Lan Yan’s hands shook in a hurry. "I mean, she suddenly transferred to the Earth Dream University."
"You tell me what’s going on? Beibei, what will she suddenly transfer to school? " Blue Night Han became more and more angry.
"Well, Master Xu hasn’t seen Beibei for several days, and Beibei is deliberately avoiding him. So Master Xu came to me early today and wanted me to persuade Beibei. Who knows that when I went to Lanyang University to find Beibei, I heard that she had transferred to another school and left a few days ago?" Lan Yan paused here, looked up and secretly looked at Lan Yehan’s face, but it happened to touch with Lan Yehan’s sharp eyes, so he bowed his head in fear and said, "Later, I went to check the flight. Now Beibei did take a plane to the earth three days ago .."
"What do you say now? I wonder why she suddenly wants to transfer. "Lan Yehan interrupted.
"This ….. I don’t know much about it." Seeing Lan Yehan’s unhappy face, Lan Yan quickly bit his teeth and added, "Maybe Beibei doesn’t like Xu Gong. Didn’t you decide to let her get engaged to Xu Gong when she was on holiday this year? I estimate that Beibei suddenly transferred to school this time."
"Hum is against her!" Lan Yehan roared, "Go to the earth now and get her back for me!"
"Yes!" Lan Yan nodded and agreed to just turn around and took a few steps, but Lan Yehan called back.
"No! Beibei, a little girl, I know very well. Although she has always been very courageous, no one dared to leave home without saying a word. Besides, why didn’t she go to Rainbow Star’s grandmother’s and have to go to the earth? There are no blue relatives on the earth now! " Lan Yehan asked doubtfully, "Who has Beibei been in contact with recently?"
"I know!" Lan Yan wanted to think and immediately gnashed her teeth. "It must be the little one. It is definitely the little one who persuaded Beibei."
"Tell me exactly who it is?" Blue night he frown way
"It’s like this. The day before I went to Lanyang University to inform Beibei to attend, but now she and a little intimate. I am afraid that Master Xu will know that it will affect the harmony between our two families, so I want to stop it before. Who knows that little arrogance is very rooted in our words?
In my eyes, I just wanted to teach him a lesson, but he took the lead. Suddenly, he sneaked into the blue rock and was somewhat vague.
Lan Yehan still knows his nephew very well, although the line is not very good, but the level of Wushu is definitely the first among the younger generation in the blue family. Listening to him now, it is obvious that he has been taught a lesson. No matter whether the other party can sneak attack and defeat Lan Yan, he has already said that he has the strength. He is still very interested in fighting master Lan Yehan, so he rushed and asked, "What happened later?" You must report your personality, so you shouldn’t let that little one go! "
"Well ….." Blue rock face a red path "Later, I tried to get even with him, but I couldn’t find him, so I quietly asked Beibei’s roommate, but I knew that the little man had returned to the earth, so this time Beibei must have gone to take refuge in him."
"So you don’t even know each other’s names?" Blue Night John Gherardini way
"Yes …" Lan Yan nodded awkwardly and added, "But I heard Beibei call him Brother Xiaofeng", so he didn’t know that Brother Xiaofeng in Lan Beibei’s mouth was a promise.
"Brother Xiaofeng?" Lan Yehan seemed to be taken aback and hurriedly asked, "Are you sure?"
Lan Yan felt a little strange about Lan Yehan’s expression and dared not ask more questions. "That’s right!"
"It was him! How did he come? " Lan Yehan thought for a while and suddenly laughed and said to himself, "Good, I can’t find an excuse, but I sent the door myself. Haha!"
Lan Yan saw that uncle, who had always been steady and dignified, suddenly became as stupid as crazy and asked carefully, "Do you know that arrogant uncle?"
"Arrogant? People have arrogant money! " Lan Yehan recovered his shock and said coldly, "I’m afraid it was the other side that attacked you. I’m afraid you started first. How could the other side attack you?"
"Uh …" Blue Rock a shame quickly bifurcation topic "the uncle what should I do now? Do you still want to get Beibei back? "
"Why don’t you go?" Lan Yehan ordered, "Book two tickets to the earth now, and I will go with you myself one day!" "
"Yes!" Lan Yan doesn’t value each other so much, but she does breathe a sigh of relief. Lan Yan knows very well that she is no match for Lin Feng. If Lan Beibei really goes to take refuge in Lin Feng, it is absolutely impossible for him to go to the earth alone. Now, what are you worried about with the first master of the Blue Family personally?
"I think you will dare to be arrogant again!" Lan Yan secretly grinned as if she had seen Lin Feng kneeling at her own feet for mercy.
"Xiao Feng, when you get to the military academy, don’t always fight and make trouble again. Although your grandfather and your grandfather are both top federal figures, it is impossible to wipe your ass every time. You are not young, even if you don’t yourself, you should think more about your elders …" A kind and kind elder in the principal’s office of Dream University was seriously charged at Lin Feng.
"Yes, yes, I know. Uncle Shi, thank you this time. I have left in advance. You should always take care of yourself." Windson’s forehead was cold and sweat, and he quickly interrupted the elder’s words and turned and fled.
"You little stinker do this every time." The elder gave a wry smile and ordered reluctantly. "Remember to visit your uncle more often."
"I know, I know!" Windson ran out of the principal’s office with the wave and never looked back.
After going out from the principal’s office, Lin Feng breathed a sigh of relief. On the one hand, he wanted to give Qin Xinyu a surprise, on the other hand, Lan Beibei transferred to school. Although there must be no problem in applying for transfer of Lan Beibei’s grades, if there is no special way, this transfer application will not be approved for a month or two. Therefore, when Lin Feng contacted Dream University on the plane, the principal asked him to help approve Lan Beibei’s transfer application as soon as possible.
When I was in Dream University, the principal was Lin Fenggan’s grandfather, Dean Sun Jingchang, and Gao Zu was also Lin Fengbao’s parents, brothers and Lin Fengbao. Therefore, the principal agreed to help me at that time. When he personally applied for transfer to Blue Beibei, he was approved by a leader as soon as he arrived at the Dream University’s student status management office. Today, Lin Fengjust came to thank the principal, but every time he came to Lin Fengbao, he was reprimanded by the principal, which made him a little afraid of seeing this cowardly and gentle elder.