This is a set of combination attacks, such as flying sword, iron seal and fire dragon. With this set of attacks, he has practiced several times. He has defeated many monks in Yuan infant period, and he is confident that he can easily kill a somewhat special monk in Jin Dan period.

The flying sword paused for the Golden Shield Fubao, while the powerful and powerful iron seal directly smashed the Golden Shield Fubao to the offset position. In the middle, the dragon waited for a moment, but it was flapping.
Not to mention how powerful the fire dragon’s impact is, the hot and high temperature it carries alone can also turn Xiao Lingyu into coke once it is burned.
Looking at the fire dragon has rushed to Xiao Lingyu’s head, the friar’s face grimaces and muses in the center of gravity to die! This kind of attack by Yuan infant monks is hard for even the same Yuan infant monks to resist the loss of magic weapon protection in born to die.
Xiao Lingyu urged chaotic energy to form a defensive cover to protect the body, and at the same time grasped it as a fist to encourage the body energy to be smashed out.
Just as his fist and the dragon horse were about to contact, a gray chaotic energy spewed out to meet the dragon.
The formation of the dragon is actually the condensation of the monk’s spiritual force, and the spiritual force is so impacted by the chaotic energy that the dragon faucet directly collapses into flames all over the sky.
However, the spell of the friar in Yuan’s infancy was really fierce, but the dragon faucet was destroyed, but it came to Xiao Lingyu. The dragon wagged its tail and the hot fire waves came to me, and Xiao Lingyu’s chaotic defense cover was broken and the fire was swept away in Xiao Lingyu.
Terrible pain came from all over the body. Xiao Lingyu’s intuition was like being in water, and his brain was buzzing, which made him feel dizzy.
Xiao Lingyu’s body finally failed to hold on and fell straight.
Looking at his opponent, he fell down and smoked black smoke. The friar smiled smugly. He hadn’t defeated the enemy like this for a long time. He missed this feeling of excitement and a sense of accomplishment. Although the other party was then, the indifferent expression just now made him feel happy because he felt that the other party must regret offending himself at this time.
Chapter 27 Metamorphosis 1
? Chapter 27 Metamorphosis 1
In order to be prudent, the man did not approach the past directly, but prepared his own iron seal to smash his opponent directly into a pool of mud, but he saw the waist position of the other party, and the belt was afraid that the iron seal would ruin the belt, which made a wave in vain. The baby in the belt approached the past with a flying sword.
In Xiao Lingyu’s head, the big iron seal is still hanging high. If you want him to make a slight move, the big iron seal will fall and smash him into patties at any time.
That monk is indeed a cautious generation. He has had a lot of experience in fighting and knows that a little carelessness in fighting is beyond redemption. Even Xiao Lingyu has obviously lost his fighting capacity, and he still has a spiritual force to form a circle of sparkling shields.
Even when he was five meters away from Xiao Lingyu, Xiao Lingyu was lying on the ground convulsing, but suddenly he jumped up and rushed over to him and quickly came to him.
He came to let the big iron seal hit him, but the other side was with him, and the big iron seal would also hurt himself, so he waved his sword and stabbed him.
Although there is no skill to bless the flying sword, such a sharp weapon is enough to hit the other side again.
Xiao Lingyu didn’t dodge to pierce himself with a flying sword, while he stabbed himself with his sword arm toward the other side.
The friar didn’t find Xiao Lingyu holding a silver needle in his hand, and the silver needle easily penetrated his arm, and the spiritual defense penetrated into his arm.
Suddenly, the monk’s body spirit shield collapsed, and his body capability stopped running instantaneously and dissipated rapidly.
Bang! Bang! Bang!
Xiao Lingyu, the friar and the big iron seal of the friar lay on the ground at the same time.
Xiao Lingyu endured the severe pain and took out a bottle of spirit liquid, first took a sip and then daubed it on his body.
The spirit liquid is very obvious for the recovery of the injury. When it was a lamp of tea, Xiao Lingyu faded a layer of black skin. The skin recovered as usual and was brighter than before.
His clothes were gone. He first jumped into the pond not far away and washed himself. Then he took a robe from his belt and put it on before he went to the monk.
Just now, everything about him can almost be regarded as the tail wagging of the fire dragon that he directed. Actually, it can’t burn him to such a miserable appearance, and it can’t make him lose his fighting capacity. He just let the friar’s battle be over, and he has the ability to resist the death. When the friar approaches, he will attack again.
There is nothing that can be done. Even if you know that the monk may be cautious and the big iron seal hits himself again, he must take risks because if he really fights with the other side, there is no possibility of winning.
Let Xiao Lingyu didn’t think it was the monk who was cut off from life at this time.
Just because the monk was born in Yuan’s infancy, it can’t be compared with the serpent’s root that was pricked by silver. Just because the serpent barely persisted for a while doesn’t mean that the monk can also persist.
Xiao Lingyu shook his head and sighed. He took back the silver needle and looked at the other body. He hesitated for a long time.
In the final analysis, the monk dared to start work on himself because he was stronger than himself. If he was stronger, he wouldn’t dare to start work even if he beat and scolded him himself.
This is once again to prove to Xiao Lingyu that everything in the realm of repairing the truth depends on our own strength.
"I can’t stay here for a long time. This guy is a monk in Yuan’s infancy and also asked Xu Xianmen’s younger brother about his death. He will definitely be asked about Xu Xianmen’s death soon. It is estimated that he will be able to check here before long."
Xiao Lingyu began to deal with the bodies of three monks, Wang Zhicheng, in Yuan infant period while thinking.
Ge Yunfei has been confined. It is estimated that he will not be able to get out for many years. It is meaningless to ask Xu Xianmen again.
Xiao Lingyu doesn’t have much nostalgia, but before he left, he went to the spirit pool.
Xiao Lingyu, who went to Taiyang City, got a lot of jade bottles to hold the spirit liquid.
He didn’t mention it. He simply put the spirit liquid department in the spirit liquid pool into a jade bottle, but just as he was preparing to leave, he found that the stalagmite root in the middle of the spirit liquid pool was a bit strange.
He once again fell to the bottom of the liquid pool and stared at the bottom of the stalagmite carefully.
It turns out that at the bottom of stalagmites, there are some very small words engraved. If the spirit fluid has not been cleared, it is hard to find these small words.
Obviously, these small words were burned by someone, which can also prove that other monks were here before Xiao Lingyu arrived.
Xiao Lingyu couldn’t help thinking of Ge Yunfei, but in turn he shook his head and thought of Ge Yunfei, the uncle who had been sitting in the classroom.
There is nothing wrong with thinking. Xiao Lingyu reads those small words carefully, but his brow is getting tighter and tighter, and his expression is constantly changing. Sometimes he nods clearly, but sometimes he is deeply suspicious.
Burning stalagmite at the bottom is an achievement method, but this achievement method is a bit strange. In Xiao Lingyu’s view, this achievement method belongs to a monk’s whimsy. Although it is feasible in theory, it is more difficult to succeed.
But anyway, being able to come up with such an outstanding monk is definitely a highly talented person who has a profound understanding of uniting with others.
Who is this person Xiao Lingyu is unknown, and those fine print have not been signed. Xiao Lingyu estimates that nine times out of ten it is the ShiShu of Ge Yunfei.
The name of this achievement method is called Metamorphosis of Form and Spirit, which naturally refers to the monks’ body, while God refers to the monks’ mind or soul.
As the name implies, Metamorphosis of Form and Spirit is a skill that can promote the soul and body of monks at the same time.
There are also many methods that specialize in cultivating the soul or body in the realm of repairing the truth, but few methods can be taken into account at the same time, even if one of them is focused, it is more precious than other methods.
However, Metamorphosis of Form and Spirit was created by a friar, and it lacks completeness and detail, and is even less secure than those ordinary techniques that have been improved by several people.
Monks will not let themselves practice too much in the achievement method, because it takes a lot of time to understand and practice an achievement method. It is very difficult for monks to practice an achievement method to the extreme. Why do you want to add burden to yourself? It is not necessarily a good thing for monks to have complicated cultivation techniques.
Monks usually practice a kind of mainline skill. For monks in the field of repair, mainline skill is to constantly improve their skills, while some methods such as printing tactics, forbidding and array methods are auxiliary skills.
The Metamorphosis of Form and Spirit is an auxiliary skill between the main skill and the main skill. It has the characteristics of flexible and changeable auxiliary skill, as well as the benefits that can be continuously improved by the main skill. Although it is not directly related to the main skill or the auxiliary skill, it will have great influence.
For example, strong body can make the body accept more energy, withstand stronger energy impact, and the speed of energy running in the body is naturally faster, which is naturally of great help to the main line of cultivation.
For example, a strong soul can enhance the monk’s comprehension and understanding ability, which can strengthen the monk’s precise control over energy and also enable the monk to cast some spells better and faster, which is certainly invaluable to the auxiliary skill.
There are advantages and disadvantages.
First of all, it takes a long time to practice Metamorphosis of Form and Spirit. It is a great test for monks to practice at the same time without experience and guidance from their predecessors.
Chapter 2 Metamorphosis of Form and Spirit 2
? Chapter 2 Metamorphosis 2r
Secondly, this method of cultivation is very dangerous, and every transformation is like walking in a ghost gate and making an careless remark. Either the physical body collapses or the soul is annihilated, and it is often in danger of being possessed.
Re-practicing this achievement requires a lot of cultivation materials to support it. Many of these materials are not common in the field of cultivation. Many of them need to spend a lot of money to get it, and they have extremely high requirements for the monks’ wealth. Even if they get this achievement method, ordinary monks can’t afford to practice it. It’s like there are many monks with refining or alchemy talents in the field of cultivation, but they don’t have enough spiritual stones to buy refining or alchemy materials to get enough opportunities to practice.
These three points are the more important disadvantages, but not all of them are created by a monk with his own experience and understanding.
"If this achievement method is really original by Ge Yunfei, the ShiShu, I still don’t want to practice that old guy, but I’ve already hung up. Even he, the founder, has succeeded in practicing. I’m going to practice just to be brave and die." Xiao Lingyu thought for a long time.
Anyway, every time a monk ascends to the spiritual realm and the physical body, he will have a corresponding high self-adventure. r