Through this, he found that a good team doctor is also essential in a team.

If you touch an unreliable team doctor, the whole team will be finished.
A good team doctor can help the team avoid many injuries effectively. In fact, many players’ injuries are caused by "crooked" team doctors.
Especially in places like the Premier League, many team doctors are players or workers who have played for the club for a long time. They dare to treat all kinds of complex sports injuries without even holding a real medical license. These team doctors may be unlucky reserve players, stadium turf workers, club doormen or loyal friends of the head coach.
Changsheng never thought he met a quack in Spain!
AC Milan fans gloated and cheered all the time, and so did their songs.
They seem to have never seen such cooperation with losers before, so they sang very hard.
In Valencia, no one knows that they are all quietly listening to the insult. Although they don’t understand Italian, they know what it means.
Others looked up at the stands like their coach Chang Sheng, and saw the AC Milan fans’ faces mocking and laughing and holding up their middle fingers.
Gradually, some people clenched their fists, and some people’s faces appeared unwilling expression.
Especially those who look up at people.
When they dare to face the insults and ridicule of the enemy, in fact, they also have a power to create miracles in their hearts!
When celebrating the victory, AC Milan players have already left the stadium, and Valencia players are still on the pitch.
No one said that they would go back to the locker room to take a shower and change clothes, nor did they say that they were impatient.
This seems to be a patient contest between Valencia players and AC Milan fans.
Most AC Milan fans can’t hold on.
The die-hard fans in the south stand stayed. They kept sending boos, gleeful shouts and songs to Valencia players.
Valencia players looked at them and they confronted each other.
In the end, even the stadium administrators were alarmed, and they had to come out to dissuade the extreme fans of AC Milan from leaving and then persuade Valencia to leave.
"From? What a pity! We are feeling the enthusiasm of your fans, Mr. Manager. "Changsheng laughed and replied in Italian.
However, he did not ask the manager of the San Siro stadium, but called the players to leave.
On the way back to the dressing room
Chang Sheng said to his players, "I hope you can feel something from this experience, which will make you full of motivation and fighting spirit in a round. Guys, losing three goals is not the end of the world. We have a full 90 minutes to teach arrogant AC Milan!"
Changsheng thought of La Coruna versus AC Milan. Didn’t Super Laco fall behind by three goals in the first round? At that time, they lost 14 in the first leg, and the whole of Europe was not optimistic that La Coruna could eliminate AC Milan in the second leg. AC Milan had already celebrated their promotion to the semi-finals
But the result is always clear. La Coruna retaliated at home with pride and underestimation of AC Milan with a 4!
Since La Coruna can do it, I still have the golden finger. What can’t I do?
At this time, it has just been mocked and insulted by AC Milan fans for more than ten minutes. Valencia players are full of insults just now. They nodded their heads when they heard Chang Sheng say that they would give each other some color to see.
They don’t care whether it’s realistic or not. They know that if they can’t beat AC Milan at home and eliminate AC Milan, they can’t vent their anger …
Laugh at us and you will regret it!
When Valencia came outside the press conference because they were angry with AC Milan die-hard fans on the court, he heard reporters complaining, "The loser is still in such a big fight!" Let’s wait so long! "
"I just don’t know where he came from … When I see him later, I’m sure I’ll ask him how he felt about revenge before the game and how he made AC Milan win 3."
"Then his expression must be wonderful! Ha ha ha! "
A burst of laughter rang.
This is the home press officer of AC Milan and the AC Milan club. He didn’t stop it, but he was happy with it.
Changsheng dares to insult Mr. Berlusconi, the president of our club, and he deserves to be treated like this!
Ever-victorious listened to the laughter inside and snorted.
Then he pushed the door and went in.
When he appeared at the door, the laughter came to an abrupt end, but soon most people’s faces showed a smile worth pondering.
This kind of smile is teasing, mocking, disdaining and watching a good play.
Chang Sheng turned a blind eye and left the stage for an interview.
He apologized for keeping the reporters waiting without giving an explanation for his lateness.