"Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.

Yuan Jun cavalry is still hesitating whether to launch a charge first. The advantage of the archers makes them have no brains. They don’t need huge crossbows, which can shoot two arrows in almost one second for a long time-they don’t need to aim. Anyway, people can shoot people with their eyes closed.
If you don’t fight back, the cavalry in front of Yuan Jun will appear deserters one after another. There are not many people who are indifferent when they see people around them being shot by arrows.
The heavy infantry, like tanks, has stepped forward, as if a huge metal monster had run over all living objects, whether people or horses, without even adjusting their spears. Just go straight ahead.
With the 5,000 heavy armor is 3,000, the original 700 is very arrogant, and now it is possible to walk sideways on the battlefield.
Yuan Tan, which is also a camp of 10,000 people, is as loose as a sand wall. As soon as the confrontation, people are constantly fleeing or falling horses, which symbolizes that the flag of Yuan Tan’s identity has also turned and moved backwards and is ready to escape.
At this time, Yuan Shaoju crossbowmen just installed the crossbow arrow for the third time and hasn’t come to launch yet.
Lombardi long give a sigh is preparing to command sounded only to see jun cioffi department has fled.
Battlefield flight is just like yawning. At the sight of Xu Rongbu fleeing, Zhang Feng’s offensive was in full swing and retreated.
"Haha, Cao Hei, I finally beat you once!" Lombardi also thought that he insisted on beating drums for a long time.
Zhongjun moved, except that Yuan Tan was too messy to be integrated, and Yuan Shang’s department also pursued it.
Defeated almost natural enemy Cao Caojun, although the number was much larger than the other side, but at this head, who cares whether his victory fell from the sky or was dug up!
Think of jun some generals and elite troops armor red eye Yuan Jun scrambling to kill jun fled, of course, heavy step here automatically skipped want to cut also can’t cut …
Section two hundred and fifteen Guandu 6
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"Hey, hey!" General Dong Cheng took off his helmet and put it under his armpit. He ignored the rule that no running was allowed in the palace. He rushed into Weiyang Palace with his heavy gold skirt in his hands.
At the door, Huang Mengen can’t stop this golden dog male for fear that Liu Xie will blame him and hurriedly follow him into the door. "The handmaiden has stopped the general but the general won’t listen …"
"Just leave!" Liu Xie is burying his head in a few cases, and his face is somewhat impatient in a pile of memorials.
Xiaohuangmen bowed back and walked out with the doors of the temple.
Seeing no stranger in Liu Xie, impatience turned into excitement. "Is there any good news?"
When a Dong Cheng’s face can’t hide his excitement, he can blow the elephant away. "God bless you! The Prime Minister suffered a crushing defeat and was chased by General Yuan Shao for fifty miles. At present, the defeated army is camping in Guandu. In this way, it takes General Yuan a few more victories to reach Xu Changcheng! "
"good! Ok! Good! " Liu Xie’s mood has never been excited. It is not far away to completely defeat cao thief forces in the central government! In the hands of a memorial Liu Xie consciousness knead into a messy toilet paper.
The news of Yuan Shao’s victory made Liu Xie suddenly feel that the world is really beautiful, and the spacious hall is not so cold and cheerless. It is a form to let yourself have a look. In fact, it has long been reviewed by Cao Caoxian, and it seems that it has become a tribute to all the ministers after catching Cao Caotai. Even the eyesight seems to be much better. You can clearly see the sweat on Dong Cheng’s face more than ten meters away.
Forcibly suppress the madness of the heart like a magic bean. Liu Xie’s excitement is shaking. "Dong Aiqing is in this case, you will go to those who are loyal to me and let cao thief’s backyard burn a male fire!"
Dong Cheng ignored the fact that he was still gasping for air, and he responded with high spirits. He put on his golden helmet again and walked out the door with solid steps.
Liu Xie just sat down in the back of the chair to extinguish Cao Cao? In my heart, I found a breakthrough and waited for that kind of suffering before I won, so I couldn’t tell what it was like to be at sixes and sevens.
Really! Can your horse be returned to me? Liu Xie thought of here and started to laugh. Laughter lingered in the swinging hall for a long time.
Dong Cheng’s front foot just walked to the door, and the little yellow door immediately attracted a middle yellow door and muttered a few words. The middle yellow door flew out with its robe legs crossed.
"Lu’s adult! Lord Lu! " Lyu3 bu4 was touring around the palace with his team when he suddenly saw someone he didn’t know coming.
"It is forbidden to rush in the palace?" If it is not an emergency, no one dares to run or jog in the palace.
"Adults and villains are from the general’s office. Please leave if you have something urgent to tell!" People can’t even lift their heads.
Lyu3 bu4 waved left and right arch hand scattered back.
That man was born before Lu Bu grew up. That man had to stand on tiptoe and Lu Bu could tilt his head, which made him close to his ear.
"The general has ordered Jin Wu to order his troops to take orders at the entrance of Xuande Hall tonight!"
"yes! Lu Bu is in charge! "
The man’s ear continued, "The general also said that it is just around the corner for adults to make great achievements this time. The emperor has specially prepared ten Jiangnan women to reward the general!"
Lu bu is still a faint smile. "Lu bu is self-righteous in his heart!"
The original Lu Bu will be ecstatic when he hears that the beauty is rewarded. Does the hungry ghost dare to rob Dong Zhuo of his wife and turn to sex? Or are you old and have the heart?
I went back to me with a lot of questions, but I didn’t see Lu Bu’s meaningful smile.
"It’s time to repay my second brother." Lyu3 bu4 gently stroked the pole like touching Diao Chan’s skin, and now it has become a symbol. Fang Tianhua Ji has never let it drink human blood for a long time.
Mind think of these years I don’t know how to fight to the death. If it weren’t for Feng Zhang White Gate Tower’s own life, it would have been loess. What beauty and fame would you talk about? Isn’t it more meaningful to keep your life happy in your family than not knowing the so-called killing all day?
It’s almost midnight in Xuchang city, and it’s forbidden for ordinary civilians to walk around each other, especially in wartime. Anyone who goes out at night regards collaborators as beheading.
The moon is round, but it is hazy. I wonder if it is white, which makes people unable to see clearly. Occasionally, a little light shines on the earth like a ghost pupil.