Happy ever after said, looking towards the Star Guild, waiting for a reply from the Star Guild.

Stars quit nodded and danced all night. The whole horse came out and said, "It’s better to fight as a team! Ten people will be sent from each of the three families. Whoever wins will go first! "
Flaming didn’t make a statement, but glanced at the Earl of Flaming next to him. "What do you think, Earl?"
The Earl of Flame shook his head. "Although the Star Destroyer is the younger brother of the Star Ring, the reckless strength of that guy is not very strong, which means that the Star Ring can dance at night. The whole city is different. After she finished speaking, she was instructed by the Star Ring. Now it is equivalent to their two guilds to jointly deal with us."
"Do you have confidence if you are asked to take nine people?" Flame burning pressure bass asked.
The Earl of Flame shook his head. "The advantage of our Flame Guild lies in the number of people. Although the cohesion of the Golden House Guild is not good, it can be said that all the gold house masters are happy ever after who spend money to smash out the team to cooperate with them. We may not be superior to the Star Guild. The number of players is not many, but they are all elite. If it is a night dance, it will be even more dangerous. Ten people will not have an advantage over ten people. What’s more, ten will beat them twenty."
Flames burn eyebrows and look around. On the left side of the entrance, there are almost all people in the Flame Guild, and on the other side are the players in the Golden House of the Star Guild.
"If you don’t promise, you will recklessly." The flame burns slowly and says.
The Earl of Flame nodded. "The predecessor of Flame Anger has come. With him, someone will take the stars and quit. After that, they will get rid of the night dance. Maybe the stars will be destroyed and happy ever after will be able to fight themselves."
Hear the flame earl suggested that the flame burn nodded with satisfaction. At this time, the flame cut the dragon root and expect it to be the flame earl.
"That’s good for you to command" said the flame burning directly handed the command to the flame earl, and the flame earl was not melodramatic. The motor command was on its way here, and the players of the flame guild and the people here were immediately adjusted.
"Not good!" Stars quit frowning slightly. I can see that the Flame Guild wants to continue to fight. You need to know whether it is the Star Guild or the Golden House Guild. The player’s single strength is stronger than the Flame Guild, but the overall strength is far from it. "Get ready to fight! All command temporarily to the night dance city "
I was a little unhappy to hear that it was handed over to the night dance. "Brother, don’t you command?" In fact, the stars want to ask what it is, not to give the command to themselves, but they are embarrassed to ask directly.
Star ring shook his head. "I want to meet my old friend when he comes!" "
Just as the voice of Star Ring fell, a lux figure fell from the sky, and at the same time, a furious flame swept towards the Star Guild.
The stars quit Ma Chong to go out, and the big sword in his hand was blocked by mottled starlight condensed into a shield.
"Ha ha ha ha ….. once you bullied me without a pet, it won’t work this time!"
Just fell from the sky, it was none other than the many giants of the Flame Guild.
I saw a huge wild orangutan standing behind the flaming anger. At first glance, it was a big guy with a bad temper, but the name of flaming anger fits well.
Stars out smiled and summoned his three-eyed monster.
"Since we meet again, let’s have a good fight!"
Said the two men together rushed to fierce fighting.
Stars guild players saw the president personally and rushed towards the flame altogether.
Happy ever after hey hey smiled, "Good chance! Let’s kill the Flame Guild first!"
The number of players in the Golden House has now been expanded to nearly one thousand in happy ever after. At this time, although there are more than 700 online players, these 700 people are all here.
Happy ever after is not too much, but too much money.
Every time a guild member comes to an activity organized by him, he can get the money, so every activity is attended by all the members.
Moreover, the conditions for recruiting players in the Golden House depend on your game level. If you don’t need any good equipment, the guild will try its best to help you get good equipment anyway.
Although happy ever after has invested a lot, the player’s single strength is also called the strongest in Liuyan City.
It’s a little hard for the original Star Guild players to attack the Flame Guild. After all, the Star Guild conductor is a player with rich experience in guild warfare.
And for a moment, the seemingly annihilated formation of the Golden House also pressed down.
Every guild war with the Golden House is a headache for the Earl of Flame.
Because the general guild has a way to find when fighting you, you can easily know what the other party’s purpose is
But happy ever after is a person who likes to do things. He doesn’t care about the loss. As a result, happy ever after’s command of every move is so low that it is unexpected
For example, now the players in the Golden House are rushing in like a flood, and before they get close, they have been killed by the Fire Guild Master and Bow General for more than 20 times, but the players in the Golden House are still charging all the way.
The Earl of Flame had to make the bloody professions such as knights and knife fanatics resist.
Can resist the player who just went to the Golden House, and the player continued to charge all the way and joined the Star Guild to fight here.