But it’s a pity that there isn’t a deep red blood flower in that blue that covers the competitive platform. The ice skill is actually a root that doesn’t hit Yunkuang.

"I lost!"
The murderous look that made her shudder behind the dancing city self-effacing staves disappeared.
"hmm? Your image doesn’t seem to match. "Cloud crazy walked to her from behind a dancing city and wondered.
"I don’t like hexagrams very much!"
A dance city irrelevant answer 1 turned and walked.
Yunkuang scratched his head awkwardly and said, "It’s your turn!"

Chapter DiQiWu There is an attack called Pei Ran Mo Yu.
With the cloud crazy a growl block in front of the hundred steps fly sword that even the sky grounding shield peng a flips gold se shield suddenly collapsed into bits and pieces of light was swallowed up by gas.
Yunkuang took advantage of Longxiang’s speed to smash the hundred-step flying sword to cover the sky wall. The violent force did not stop, and the hundred-step flying sword was kicked back five steps with a shield.
A hundred paces of flying sword stopped stumbling, and his eyes trembled slightly with horror compared with staring at his left arm. The epic tower shield was unbelievably driven out of his mind.
Covering the sky wall claims that the ultimate fighting skill of the tank is 100% defensive, but it has been broken.
It was broken for the first time since the night rain and wind created this powerful defensive skill.
The giant tower shield with epic equipment and unique red Se luster is still intact, but it is broken into thousands of pieces in the eyes of Baibu Feijian.
Everyone was shocked and the needle fell, only the hundred-step flying sword breathed heavily.
The battle ended here. The most powerful fighting skill of the Shielding Armor warrior has been broken, and there is no need to fight again. Maybe you can continue fighting. You can hold on for a few minutes with strong defense and j: ng’s wonderful movement, but you will eventually lose.
Cloud crazy that fast if flint Longxiang broke the sky wall, but also a kick broke the confidence of flying sword.
Yunkuang also felt that it was unnecessary, just like a dance in which the whole city abandoned its staff and threw in the towel. Instead of pursuing the victory, he put away the ghost tooth and stopped, otherwise he was confident enough to stun the flying sword with a hundred steps while his body was stiff at that moment.
I’m not a god who doesn’t hate mythology. Why do you have to beat up Reservoir Dogs Yunkuang? That’s what he thinks in his heart. He has his own ideas. He never thinks that the mythical guild people are bad, and the game of pus and hegemony is just and evil, and it’s not unheard of to bully the small guild gods. Although the means are gentler than the myth, you can say that the gods are justice.
Myth is not qualified to judge the gods at the moral high ground, and the gods are also not qualified to judge myths.
Everyone is half a catty, pot calling the kettle black.
Yunkuang is still a teenager, and he doesn’t know the myths of the gods. Those unknown scenes are really enriched, and hatred has transcended hegemony.
For a long time, the flying sword looked up with a face of gray and self-effacing Se.
"How did you … how did you do it? What did you do? You could break my cover."
One dance, the whole city and others can’t help but cocked up their ears. Everyone has the same question as flying swords.
What can he break the sky wall? What can he break? It has never been broken since it was born. The sky wall claims to be 100% completely defended.
Smell speech cloud crazy also confused and asked, "You’re not a rainy night, and I can’t break your cover."
This is supposed to be maddening, vomiting blood and mocking. It’s so natural to say it from Yunkuang’s mouth.
Naturally, people such as the dancing city don’t think it’s contempt for the flying sword with a hundred paces. Actually, Yunkuang really doesn’t mean to mock the flying sword with a hundred paces. He means it’s really strange that they think that the sky wall can’t be broken.
He thought about similar problems a long time ago, but he thought about how to break it, not whether it could be broken.
Now he said, "You’re not the night rain and wind, and I can’t break your sky wall." It doesn’t mean that the night rain and wind can’t break the sky wall, but he can’t break it now.
Not being able to break now doesn’t mean not being able to break later, and not being able to do it now doesn’t mean not being able to do it later.
Looking at the calm young man in front of him, he felt the outstanding domineering in peace.
He sighed, "No matter how brilliant and dazzling your record was before this war, I never cared about you. Now I apologize contemptuously. You are better than me. I want to ask you what you are sure to cover up."
Cloud crazy wanted to think, "quote a senior, there is an attack called Pei Ran Mo Yu …"
Pei Ran Mo Yu simple four words or overbearing suffocating.
"Who’s the elder?" A dancing city asked curiously.
"I don’t know," Yunkuang said sincerely. "He also said that there is a kind of defense called slack that can be broken. Can it be broken without being broken? Now I can’t break the night rain and wind, but I can break your sky wall. That’s what it means."
"Thank you for your explanation. I look forward to your battle with the gods." A hundred paces of flying swords can be overbearing in others’ impressions.
Yunkuang politely reciprocated and danced on the sports platform. She was about to leave a dance city and shouted anxiously, "Please wait a moment."
"Well," Yunkuang stopped in accordance with the words, triumphed and broke three times, and no one ever broke the wall covering the sky. Since the heart is false, he doesn’t mind waiting a moment.