Chapter DiYiQi Underground The Infiltrator

With the wave after wave of degenerate zombies being cleared away, another hour has passed unconsciously, and it has been 17 hours since the Ye Feng line. Anyway, the helmet of Eternal game has the function of stimulating brain vitality, and even if it is online for 24 hours, it will not feel tired, but the girls will get tired because of lack of deep sleep.
Ye héng is now in a state where he really doesn’t want the line to explode to six sets of Obsidian suits in just over ten hours. Change it to a thief. Zei8ne RMB is so small that he has to sell two million yuan. Even if he goes out in half, there will be more than one million yuan. That is to say, Ye Shaoshao has been working hard in the army for five years and got two million retired. It is not as good as a mainline income. If you don’t get more money now, you won’t have a chance. Bronze suits can’t explode on any map.
Ye Feng pondered for a while, took out the map and pointed his finger at a position on the surface. "Well, you’ve seen this aisle. There may be a hall in front of it. Maybe there will be high-order monsters. Let’s clear the monsters in the hall before we go online. The experience of Hailan and Lanyu Sleeping is 5% short. After cleaning the hall, we should be able to rise to level 16."
"That’s all right! Let you listen to your boss’s addiction. "Tang Weiwei nodded in agreement with her and Xia Yu Mo and Pojun’s story because of more experience. Just now, she has upgraded Zhuo Hailan first, and she is almost worse than others because of too much difference. It is impossible to rise today.
At present, this aisle shows that there are some ferocious and terrible stone carvings on the stone walls on different sides of other aisles, and the width of the aisle is only more than three yards, which is dark and endless.
Brother Fei put a dazzling white light according to an arrow and immediately tore the darkness, making the dark tunnel shine for five seconds and then disappeared.
"No monsters?" Brother Fei was a little surprised. He just blew up the arrow for a few seconds. He carefully observed a tunnel that was more than 300 yards long, and there was no monster swinging. This is not too strange.
"It’s a little strange. Everybody keep your feet down. This tunnel is so long and loud that it is easy to cause echo. Don’t lead the monsters around you."
LanYuMian road all followed carefully into the aisle.
As soon as my feet stepped on the aisle floor and took a rain sleep, I felt something was wrong. My feet were wet and soft, like sand. Ye Feng and others were more and more careful to slow down and stick to the right stone wall and slowly go deeper.
There was nothing in the middle of the distance. It turned out that I was not handsome and muttered, "I think we just scared ourselves."
It turned out that I was not handsome when I heard Ye Feng suddenly shout, "Look out!"
See LanYuMian front step away from the ground suddenly sank a carrion dark green Se underground monster jumped to ling a claw grasp to LanYuMian early guard against the body slightly one side of the right hand dagger liao impartial just put the monster sharp claw rack shut up, but said, "you have to wake me up, but the thief perception is much higher than your developed limbs and simple-minded soldiers."
Ye Feng did not argue with her to detect the monster data-
[Underground The Infiltrator] Ya J and jīng Yingguai
Grade 27
Blood volume 5/5
Underground The Infiltrator hit the body and fell to the ground, and then his throat gave a strange call. The ground in front of the tunnel exploded in succession, and a large group of underground The Infiltrator rushed towards the people.
"I wipe! It’s the Asian J Ι ng English monster! "
Pojun, Wu Yue cursed and raised his shield to meet him in big strides. A tunnel more than three yards wide would only allow two people to stand side by side. Ye Feng blocked the others behind him. The underground The Infiltrator descended with a long call. However, due to the narrow underground, The Infiltrator was only able to attack Ye Feng and Pojun, Wu Yue, and the rest were blocked and squeezed together in vain, waving claws at the two people.
The two men successfully blocked the underground The Infiltrator attack. Ye Feng looked at the underground The Infiltrator, who was crowded together in front, and suddenly shone at the moment and cried, "No matter our firepower."
Said the qi battle roar brute force attack horse soared by 4%, a violent blow split out, the underground The Infiltrator smashed dizzy soul-bound tomahawk conveniently swept the four underground The Infiltrator at the same time.
Crit 742, 3, 351, crit 714, 355!
You see, this guy needs two attack state skills. It’s simply a personal BOSS. The combined damage of the three wizards is barely equal to his. Ye Feng’s bloody suit and soul-binding tomahawk are tough and belong to xing. Now he is equipped with a 7% increase in attack power. The dark gold ring demon touches him, and the attack has almost reached a point. If the monster is cut flat, even if it is not attacked, I’m afraid the normal attack damage will be 5.
Pojun Wuyue wanted to verify a strength gap and also cast a sweeping result. None of the four injury figures exceeded 100 points.
At this moment, Wei-Wei Tang and the White Wolf Emperor all came to the ice hockey. After the ice hockey burst, the dense ice cones covered more than 40 underground The Infiltrator or smashed the underground The Infiltrator into half blood.
Ye Feng tried out the underground The Infiltrator defense Suo Xing, no longer parrying the claw attack, and called for ten times not to get drunk and floated back to himself. hūn ū o took the axe and cut the underground The Infiltrator to bear two sub-J ? ng British attacks, but he only lost more than 60 points of blood when he got a crit, and he lost 15% of the blood in the blood shadow blood-sucking suit at 3 o’clock, and there were two powerful treatments behind him. It was difficult to take care of the blood if he wanted to die.
Brother Fei and others also see that there is a cheap way to get such a narrow tunnel. The The Infiltrator sea tactical root method works. If two tanks can carry it, except for the first four, the rest will become targets who will not fight back.
They were all excited to get up. How much experience and equipment does J and NG Ying have?
Tang Weiwei laughed while putting on the dark light technique. "We are a little unlucky. What if The Infiltrator in the underground palace is a magical remote monster?"
"Go back to the city and resurrect!" Ye Feng said that he set out to pick up the axe, and the black light flashed and chopped the left underground The Infiltrator for seconds.
"Ding, your team killed Ya J and NG’s underground palace The Infiltrator, and you gained 529 points of experience."
A black se card exploded from the broken body of The Infiltrator in the underground palace.
Ye Feng heart suddenly jumped a what thing?
(I’m dizzy, but I’m glad I didn’t break my watch at last)
The first chapter puppet card
Ye Feng casually hit a broken tendon and rushed to fill the position of the underground The Infiltrator disabled, and then quickly fished up the underground black SE card and took a look-
[First-order Puppet Card] For monsters with no more than their own level 2, this card can be resurrected into a player’s puppet resurrection form. The original monster belongs to ìng7% and disappears after 12 minutes of death. Note that the first-order puppet card can be used for sub-J ì ng English or ordinary monster corpses to make effects on J ì ng English monsters.
"Good thing!" Ye Feng dark praise a puppet card into the backpack.
If the number of puppet cards is small, there is no big revival. The puppet genus is reduced by 7%, and its strength is slightly higher than that of ordinary monsters at the same level. If you encounter a hatred chain of monsters, you will die, but if you have a large number, the effect will be much more remarkable, especially if you train alone or bring a ten to echo each other. The power will definitely multiply, and whether you brush monsters or BOSS fight, you can send a big fight.
Two meat shields, Ye Feng and Pojun Wu Yue, sealed the tunnel, and The Infiltrator Gen couldn’t rush over. One after another, more than forty monsters were killed. It took less than five minutes to hang up the equipment and spread gold coins all over the floor.
Forty Asian J: and NG Ying gave Ye Feng more than 200,000 experiences, and Lanyu Mian and Lu Hai Lan also rose to level 16 as they wished.
Ye Feng gathered the scattered equipment together, and there were more than 50 pieces of gold coins, 17 pieces of bronze equipment and 11 pieces of whiteboard.
"Why isn’t there any silver equipment?" Ye Feng was very unwilling to watch the equipment one by one, and finally determined that more than forty underground The Infiltrator had not even a piece of silver equipment.
"What’s so strange? The j and ng English monster is not a BOSS. Isn’t there a bronze necklace? The low value of the explosion rate is worth the silver. "Tang Weiwei returned.
"Necklace?" Ye Feng was depressed just now and didn’t pay attention to it. He found it in a pile of equipment and turned out a necklace with a leaf-shaped pendant, which was identified by the eye-catching technique-
"Natural Necklace" Decorative bronze
Intelligence +14
J and jīng God +14
The additional effect increases the therapeutic effect of the therapeutic profession by 5%
Equipment requirement level 16
Equipment demand occupation occupation
"Plus therapeutic effect necklace DOG not drunk brother who want you two? ROLL point? " Ye Feng smiled and asked.
"ROLL my ass!" Ten-year-old drunkard waved his hand generously. "My natural druid therapy is a lot worse than that of the holy priest. Give it to DOG first."
Ten is not drunk, nor is it self-modesty. Eternity is a big profession, and there are four branches of healing professions. Among them, the holy priest is the biggest bonus in healing effect, followed by the holy knight, and the shadow priest is the last. The natural druids can rank third. The higher the amount of healing, the lower the professional talent determines the player’s skills.
Summer rain foam didn’t refuse to thank you, so she put the necklace on her neck. The natural necklace emits fluorescence, which gives summer rain foam a light green color on her white neck. It looks quite mysterious.
"It’s beautiful." Ye Feng didn’t resist sending a secret message to Xia Yumo when he saw the ripples.
"Ye Shaoshao, please pay attention to your identity. You have a girlfriend, and oral flowers will be despised."
"Slice! Never mind! "
The crowd passed through the aisle before their eyes, and there appeared a hall door. The stone walls on both sides of the hall door were engraved with the statue of the head of a dark animal like the aisle. The light in the hall was very dark, and the shimmering light was like a jack-o’-lantern, which was even more terrifying.