So I’m not worried

Heartbroken horizon crisscrossed and instantly my dagger has crossed heartbroken horizon’s neck.
Feeling unusually heartbroken and not responding is turning my head in amazement and watching me gradually show my body shape.
After a knife is cut, I suddenly rub my right foot in front of me and make a moment. At the same time, I rotate my waist and my right leg and slip out of an arc backwards. At the same time, I twist my body and drive my arm dagger to plunge into the heartbroken world again.
The dagger plunged into the movement and broke the heart of the world.
When the dagger was taken out of the world with a loose hand, he was already bleeding again.
I was heartbroken in consternation and turned to look at the ends of the earth behind me, which was even more shocking.
"Give me my dagger back," I said gently.
A little hesitation heartbroken Tianya pulled out his arm and threw the dagger at me.
Turn around, stretch out your hand and take the head, and don’t say, "You two can go."
At this time, Nangong was smiling at me and waiting for me to approach, smiling and saying, "Ge is very noble!"
"How can it be that I can’t get into the city if I kill someone and become famous?" I said with a wave.
"Why not kill us?" Then heartbroken Tianya angrily behind way
"You didn’t let me kill you * *"
"ah!" After shouting, I felt a strong air approaching behind me.
Suddenly turned and looked at heartbroken with a calm face.
He has charged me, stepped out with his left foot and swept away the sword in his hand.
I’ve seen the Nangong one by one. At this time, the speed, strength, starting time and attack angle are far from urgent.
The attack fell instantly, and my left arm tightened, and my head was raised, and the blade was cut into my arm without bias, and suddenly blood flowed.
I glared at the front heartbroken, and the dagger in my right hand turned around and stabbed at the front.
The front is pointing to the heartbroken end of the world
Chapter 35 It’s always the end of the world!
A cold front and a dagger suddenly stopped when they plunged into the heartbroken horizon.
Heartbroken Tianya stared at me with an incredible expression on her face. She looked at me and heartbroken Tianya in amazement. I don’t think she thought I would beat them both so easily.
I took another look at heartbroken Tianya. He frowned, his lips moved, and his grip on the sword was sometimes tight and sometimes loose. I saw the real withdrawal of the dagger and gently swinging the sword to the left.
"Are you M enough? It hurts so much," I said, looking at my arm and bleeding.
"What do you mean?" Take back the sword heartbroken Tianya puzzled asked
I don’t care that he turned to the Nangong and said "Let’s go one by one"
The nangongshan one by one to heartbroken Tianya and love cape two people point a little bit, smiled and turned around and disappeared with me in their sight.
"Hey hey ~"
"What are you laughing at?" The nangongshan looked at me one by one.
"Was I handsome, cool and manly just now?" I asked Nangong triumphantly.
"But you smile …"
"What’s the matter?"
"It’s too * * ~!"
Shit …
"Thief, do you know what the skills of changing jobs are?"
"I don’t know …"
"I don’t know if you dare to rush you like that, but you are a brittle assassin." The nangongshan looked at me in surprise.
"What are you afraid of?"
"Hey, who am I? If it isn’t the second best player in the ranking list!"
"Oh ~ I’m still following a beautiful woman next to me. Do you want to play together?"
Behind him a piece of foul language looked at the nangongshan frowned one by one but said nothing.
I turned around and looked at several people behind me in disgust.
Three 14-level swordsmen in a row
"Look at the chrysanthemums", "Look at the chrysanthemums" and "Look at the chrysanthemums"
Ah, there is enough flow
Each looked at three people’s personal equipment bases, all of which were white weapons. They should be bronze, that’s all.
I turned to look at a couple of three people in Nangong and said, "Are you here to flirt with my girl or want my head?"
"Who is your girl?" The nangongshan low Chen way one by one.
At this time, the most obscene of the three people also spoke to each other. It was none other than the "seeing chrysanthemums"
"Kill you and flirt with that beautiful woman!"
"oh? I don’t take a photo of myself. "I mean to look at that chrysanthemum."
"What did you say? I will let you die here today! " With that, the sword rushed in.
Hum, I don’t panic at all when I see that chrysanthemum has rushed over.
I calmly looked at the moment when the chrysanthemum was moving close to me, "whoosh!" My body flashed behind him, and the blade turned "brush" and two attacks hit.
Oh ~ the defense is not low, and the blood is not low. No wonder it is so arrogant
The attacked chrysanthemum has also been reversed and the sword has been swept away.