"Hum, you Han people are so mean!" Looked at Gao Qian and turned pale with fear, knowing that he was afraid of being angry and patting his ass and leaving, he smiled and said, "The secretariat doesn’t have to worry about how to say that your uncle was good to our people when he was there …"

Not bad? Hum at that time, I don’t know who was fawning like a pug, Gao Qian thought bitterly.
"I’m the huns warrior in the secretariat, rest assured that we can do what’s left, but this warrior rewards you? But it is indispensable. "
Reward? Not just spoil my Jinyang people’s property and women?
Gao Qian’s face muscles are shaking. It’s not certain who is the jackal, Zhang Feng and Hu Chuquan.
All conference semifinals like to "have a holiday" in other people’s sites. Even if the Huns really leave in the future, there will still be a withered and ruined ruin. What else will they come? Besides, this is a tough place where the Huns may not dare to make trouble. When they leave, it will be bad for them. Will there be retribution for this thief?
Glancing at Guo Yuan, Gao Qian suddenly felt that surrender might be a good choice. Jun rarely killed Lu Bu, the former Ministry of Song Xian, Wei Xu and Hou Cheng. Didn’t they have a good life?
Just at this time, the agent came to report that "Cao Jun, the secretariat’s adult, is moving to the new camp of Yingshan, but the provisions have not been tied up and the trench is still in the old camp."
Gao Qian’s eyes turned and he didn’t even notice Yin insidious smile. "Khan, this is a good opportunity. Jun is flooded and it is necessary to transfer food and grass. Now, when they are caught off guard, they will attack each other, even if they take food and grass, Jun will be chaotic."
Call hutch spring confused look to low, the latter nodded slightly.
"Gao Cishi, we Hu Han are like a family. Haha, thanks for your hospitality yesterday, so I’ll go there myself."
Guo Yuan opened his mouth to speak and was stared at by Gao Qian mercilessly.
After a night off, tarkan was even more tired. Everyone was sleepy, and his mouth was filthy and he recited some Xiongnu language.
When the Huns left the city, Guo Yuancai was puzzled and asked, "Although the secretariat of the adult Jun has moved to the camp, there will be heavy guards against you. This is …"
Gao Qian mercilessly slapped Guo Yuan’s face with a crunchy helmet and fell to the ground going round and round. "Idiot! If you don’t send these Huns away, Jinyang City will be finished. It’s your bad idea to recruit some Huns who are more ruthless than jackals. Even if Feng Zhang retreats, what’s the point of giving me a city that has been killed? "
"Someone will tie me up for colluding with the Huns thief!"
Deng Sheng and Xia Zhao looked at each other. Gao Qian was even more angry when he saw it. "Why do you have to disobey my orders?"
Two people this just seven hands and feet Guo Yuan moved his mouth still yelling "Gao Qian this is you agree! You can’t do this to me! "
Gao Qian face muscles pieces of ferocious float corners of the mouth wide out a creepy smile to Guo Yuan "so I’m correcting mistakes! Tie his mouth to the head of the city and show it to the public! "
Troops of soldiers in Cao Jun’s old camp are piling up stakes and rolling up tents. How many are somewhat absent-minded? The four corners of the camp are covered with grain and grass carts covered with cowhide floating with water drops.
A frightening horn came, and every soldier stopped and pricked up his ears to identify what the signal was. The arrow tower was full of soldiers’ cheeks, and the gang blew up in unison. For a while, the dull horn resounded through every corner of the camp
After fighting all night, the woman came to fight again, and the man Khan Huchuquan took the brave tarkan to kill some scattered defenders at the gate of Cao Cao and rushed into the camp to see the scattered soldiers piled up neatly. I couldn’t help laughing.
Looking back, I said with a low smile, "Cao Jun has left so much food and grass for a while and moved to the city to give it to our good brother Gao Qian. Of course, I will repay you and have a holiday as usual tonight!"
Huns around him are holding machetes and screaming, but they frown and say, "Something is wrong. Jun’s fighting power was not so low yesterday and …"
Suddenly, I found that these "running" soldiers are regularly going for food and grass in four corners!
Go to British Columbia and scream, "Khan is quick! Stop them! Kill them! Ah! "
Cao Jun’s soldiers were divided into four roads and rushed to the grain wagons. First, they tore off a small puddle of cowhide, and then they pulled the first grain wagon and struggled to rush in to the other three without tarkan. The door was pulled like a locomotive, and all the grain wagons were moved and circled like four huge snakes lying in the camp, dividing the screaming Huns into dozens of large and small pieces.
Later, I was still asking endlessly what he knew about going to Bihu Chuquan. For a long time, Cao Jun lit most of the grain and grass, which was flooded, and a small part of the grain and grass was instantly ignited. The fire quickly burned through half the sky with the help of the wind, and that part of the grain and grass and the camp stakes were even more smoky
Section two hundred and fifty-nine Khan died
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For example, a chain of burning flames is connected into a line, and the hay wagon is like a call of death, and the cavalry who rushed into the village are firmly trapped in it. The fire is helped by the wind, and they are afraid of fire. The horses are even more screaming and jumping around uncontrollably, which will make the cavalry team even more chaotic.
I’m still going to give Gao Qian a gift. Huchuquan was dumbfounded. I didn’t know that my gift was delivered. I first received a melatonin from Feng Zhang. I also threw my weight around and pointed at Xiongnu Khan, who was speechless by this sudden change.
"Save … put out the fire!" The brain is not enough to talk nonsense.
"Save fart fire! Run for your life! The cavalry can’t rush out inside! " In front of Huchu Spring, Nuo Nuo, who has always been passive, went to humble places and actually got angry and roared at Huchu Spring, "Since the stockade is prepared, the heavy armor will ambush and not escape, even their lives are gone!"
At the same time, the Huns Qinbing shouted, "Don’t take Khan with you?"
Huchuquan finally reacted, "Oh, oh, let’s go!"
Feng Zhang squinting in heaped-up mountains looked at the Xiongnu team from a distance. It was only after seeing many dead people that the fire meter finally succeeded. With a wave of his hand, the flag had been waiting for a long time and heavy armor was dispatched!
"Don’t let me down if Wen Yuan can get to the Huns and fear more dead people in Wen Yuan!"
"But under the jurisdiction of general zhang Quduo infantry can be Zuo Xianwang ten thousand reinforcements opponent? Besides, I’m not familiar with Liuhua War … "Huang Zhong holds the bow tightly in his hand. If there is a Xiongnu general like a head, he should fall after an arrow.
"But Zuo Xianwang doesn’t know the specific situation. It’s necessary to follow the deserters and fight with each other. If you don’t push too hard, you will be fine."
Hundreds of people in this line of hutch springs are turning their horses’ heads and preparing to escape towards Jinyang City. Four gongs are coming from all sides. Jun infantry are pushing rows of bundled pointed stakes and two wooden wheels are installed on the surface.
Refusing a horse has always been a dead thing, except blocking the cavalry’s way without a lift, but with two wheels installed, this mobile refusal to horse suddenly became an insurmountable Great Wall, which made hundreds of Huns feel chills.