Fortunately, Wei Yao suffered from trauma, and it won’t matter much when she is bandaged. Looking at them, Chen Nuo can’t say how depressed she should be. Pretend to be natural and happy in front of the morning sun every day, so that you can forget that the person you like is him, but when you see him in danger, she is still so heartbroken and so desperate. Weiyao is so kind to her, but she is not stupid, but she keeps hurting him. Now she is like a weightless tumbler and she doesn’t know which side to fall to.

Actually, she also knows that Wei Yao is angry with her, and she also knows that it is impossible to face Wei Yao because of her and Chenyang, but she just can’t control herself. She can’t help thinking about him. He loses his mind. She can’t help feeling for him. She can’t help it.
Morning Northrop’s reasoning still didn’t alleviate any sorrow, so he used to find a stranger to confide his sorrow to him. Mao Mao Rain Line, Chennuo immediately disappeared because this person didn’t see it clearly, but it wasn’t a stranger. She didn’t have a chance to add a new one, because Weiyao had found her.
Chennuo; I’m sorry!
Wei Yao: Sorry about what? Is it because you love your cousin and pretend you don’t? Or are you ashamed of letting your boyfriend ignore you but worrying about your old lover?
Chennuo: Wei Yao, please don’t do this! He is my brother! I should care about him! Besides, what’s wrong with us?
It’s just cousin Wei Yao. It’s normal to have feelings!
Chennuo: That’s not true! He is my own big brother. We played a joke on you that day. You can’t understand my feelings with Chenyang! But I really wish I could be with you!
Wei Yao: I don’t understand! You defended him and said he was your own big brother. How do you understand? I’m not white. Then tell me!
Chennuo: Don’t push me! This will make my heart ache!
Wei Yao: Sorry, I don’t have a choice!
Chennuo: Do you have to listen to me for a reason? But I don’t have any?
Wei Yao: Didn’t you say I don’t understand your feelings? Then I want you to tell me straight! If you don’t say anything, then we’re finished!
Chennuo: OK! I hope you don’t regret it! Let’s finish it!
Chennuo has been online without waiting for Weiyao’s reply. She sneers and shakes her melancholy face. She has to laugh at her absurdity! Not only did she love her eldest brother, but she did not hesitate to give up someone who loved her deeply. But what should she say? Wei Yao is not stupid. Every time she watches the morning sun, he is angry. At that time, he said they were cousins. Now he says they are brothers and sisters. How can he believe that? She can’t just tell him that she loves her own big brother!
Maybe she is really crazy! Unconsciously, she came to the front of the morning sun again.
"We broke up," Chen Nuo said in a low voice. She didn’t know what she wanted to tell Chen Yang.
"What is this? Just explain it to him! We are brother and sister. Although you don’t want to be this brother, you have always been my dearest sister! " Chen Yang said anxiously that Chen Nuo was bleeding blood, but he still couldn’t understand her feelings for him. Even if she lost Weiyao, she still regarded her as a personality sister. Maybe he said that he saw her during the day, and he was worried that he was very worried. She admitted his brother!
Chennuo was in such a trance that she couldn’t even hear what Chenyang said clearly. One thing she still understood was that Chenyang could be her brother.
In the dead of night, Chennuo still wants Chenyang to talk to him and think about how ridiculous she is. She also wants Weiyao to think about how stupid he really is and how happy he brings to herself. She really hates herself. She is not only ridiculous but also ashamed. She doesn’t know how to face everything here. Maybe it will be better if she is separated, even if it will make her lose Weiyao and Chenyang! Even if it hurts her!
Chapter 31 The sky falls off the pie
Chennuo transferred to school without telling anyone that she had handled all the formalities when no one was paying attention. She didn’t even ask her what the name was when she transferred to school, and she never thought about where it was, and she didn’t care if it would be much worse or better than the original school.
Strange world, strange city, strange campus stranger, all these strange things tell Xiao Chennuo that she will really have a new world here. Although occasionally, she will miss Chen Yang and Wei Yao and miss Lingya, especially Lingya. She really can’t find anyone better than her. Besides Chen Yang, she can see that there are tears in her heart, and she will show those strange points to Wei Yao and win her acceptance. Although Chen Nuo has never been convinced, she is not so stupid. If it weren’t for God’s tricks, Lingya might really become one.
When Chennuo entered that school, it was Chenyang. Although she refused to admit it all the time, her heart was the whitest. It was unexpected that it was ten years since she left there. She chose to leave for the first time, no matter what it was, but she must have left her to live her own life so that everyone could continue their lives as usual.
The new school is in good condition, more luxurious than the former school. It seems that there are still many rich students here. She often sees students passing by the campus in beautiful cars, but these are not important. Chennuo has no strange temper and adapts quickly. Although she has no special friends yet, she gets along well with everyone. She is idle, so she walks around the campus. Quiet is a common atmosphere in the mall, but Chennuo likes this feeling so much. Since she was a child, she has almost never enjoyed her life so much. For the first time in her life, she feels that independence is so good! She has cancelled the account her father gave her now, and writing something for those magazines by herself is enough for her to live in school at ordinary times. She hasn’t found a good way out yet, but she’s not very worried that she’ll cross the bridge when she comes to it!
"Xiao Chennuo …" Behind her came an uncertain sound. Chennuo turned back and a familiar person appeared in front of her, and he was also a handsome guy who looked like Xiao Chenyang.
"Excuse me, are you calling me? Which class are you from? Do you know me? " Chennuo asked the boy carefully. His face darkened and he smiled again.
"You don’t recognize me? We have seen it! " He seems to be hiding something.
"Are you? I can’t remember. I’m sorry, I just transferred here. It’s difficult to remember so many people. You can understand that, right? Chen Nuo, though ashamed, still feels excusable.
"Oh, yes, it’s already a favor to meet you here anyway. What classes are you in?"
"You haven’t told me your name in my literature class one or seven!"
"I, my business class 29, you must call me senior! My name is Jiang Xinghai. Is Sister Nuo used to it here? Is there anything I can do for you? " He seems to be asking questions, but there is no room for manoeuvre.
"Brother Xinghai, I can’t get used to things all the time, but there is really one thing I want to ask you for help. Of course, if you can’t refuse," Chennuo was not very used to his intimate address, but she has been a lady since she left E City, and naturally she won’t care too much about him.
"You say! No matter what, I will help you get it! " His tone of voice is that kind of arrogance and pride, which is also called Chennuo. Anyway, Weiyao and others have already performed it.
"Well, can you take me to find a house? Our class dormitory is full, I’m not used to so many people living together, and I don’t know much about it, so thank you. "Chennuo told him politely.
"This is very easy! But I’m afraid you won’t allow me to pay your rent if you want. "Xinghai said carefully, as if there was some secret.
"Is that possible? Where can I rent a house without a room? But it’s cheap and good, but I’m happy to be there? " Chennuo hasn’t heard of such a good thing as falling off pies, and his interest came immediately.
"My home" sounds like a mosquito, but it still startled Chennuo.
"You? ! What did you say? " She couldn’t help pulling out her ears, so she had to suspect that there was something wrong with her ears.
"I-I mean, you can move to my house. My house is very comfortable!" His arrogance has just turned into a complete lack of self-confidence. Who has the nerve to ask a lesbian to learn to live in her own house?
"The question key is not here. Is your family engaged in real estate business? How can you just give it to people? " Chennuo hasn’t figured out the situation yet.
"No" Xinghai lowered his head like a child who did something wrong, and his face turned a little red. His pride had disappeared before.
"What is your home? I can go in and live like this? Chennuo is even stranger.
"My father has a small company, and our house is a little big, but usually it’s just me and my mother. My mother has a good temper, and my father rarely has an aunt at home. You won’t suffer if you live in the past." Xinghai tried to lure the conditions.
"This is not the key issue. Why should I come to your house to live? Why do you come to your house and stay with me? " Chennuo has been a little depressed about his irrelevant answer.
"Well, I think my mother will like you very much. You can talk about something. I will never coax my mother’s heart, but I believe that you will make her happy. I think you are going to find someone to coax my mother’s heart. It’s good for you to go, but you can be treated like a big lady there. If you think this is a job, I can give you a salary of 2,000 yuan a month. "Jiang Xinghai said it very easily, but Chen Nuo couldn’t close his mouth.
"You are very rich? ! But I still have to learn not to have much time to do this so-called job! Besides, why will your parents accept your arrangement? " Chen Nuoshi can’t believe how lucky he is. God, it’s probably a trap to have such a thing! Of course, the boy still looks very pure _, and Chennuo is about to agree.