"Will zombies fight for so long? We waited behind for a long time and didn’t see you move a step!" Many guilds complain endlessly.

"Now the zombies have been killed, but the monster behind them is the Zuma monster, and it seems to have been strengthened. Can you imagine the battle scene of Zuma guards in a wide and dense road with several people? We have been fighting for three hours without taking a step forward, and there are more than a dozen stone statues of Zuma guards stuck in front of us. However, according to the information obtained by our investigators, the road ahead is less than ten kilometers, and it will take several days before we can kill them …" To be continued.
Chapter four hundred and three From underground combat (2)
At the beginning, in the dark swamp, the Fifth Legion, the former alliance and the Zen Temple once fought for the terrain advantage of Skeleton Wang Dajun, but at that time, the Skeleton King should set his goal on the follow-up to Lianzhou City, and the regular army was free to deal with the players.
However, at the moment, it should be that it has tried its best. There are zombies and skeletons pouring out all around the top of the hole on the ground, which is like a dark frenzy.
Because both sides of the battle are undead, almost all of them have no fear, even if they have been seriously injured and left half of their bodies, they are still attacking each other crazily
Only from the scale and difficulty, this is definitely an epic. Sophie Su hopes that this reward will not be too deceptive.
He has been constantly trying to control the "Dark Residency" to control the zombies and skeletons that rushed to his front, and soon he has reached more than one hundred, tightly protecting himself and the little nun.
"Is this a war in hell …" The little nun was pale and kept praying with her eyes closed.
The moon is on a rock not far from Sophie Su, and her white dress stands out in the dark. At this moment, she is still slightly closing her eyes, chanting strange spells in her mouth, and black light is constantly lingering around her body.
And that more than a dozen evil spirits resin king is also covered in black lingering in front of the month.
Those powerful resin kings finally rushed to the front, and immediately those evil spirits resin kings collided heavily together, and a large mine collapsed in the impact.
Although the number of attacking corpse kings is large, the level is around 70, which is far less than that of these 100-level evil spirits, so it does not have any advantage in a small scale.
Su Yan intercepts by controlling many zombies, but forcibly controls the corpse king who rushes to the side. When his current level and the level of [Dark Resizing] have been able to control the ordinary corpse king for more than 3 minutes,
In the case of sufficient vitality, this 3-minute interval has allowed him to control dozens of corpse kings continuously, but he was surprised to find himself calling Feng Yin to laugh!
"Is that guy dead?" Sophie Su’s heart sank because he had been in trouble, as if he had put wind songs in the shadow secret passage and laughed, but he never took them back.
In normal times, this hundred zombies and dozens of corpse kings must have been a very strong force, but now, in the face of thousands of corpse kings and tens of thousands of zombies and skeletons, his undead army is even smaller.
"I don’t know when I will have the ability to control hordes ….." Sophie Su could not help sighing inwardly. From the point of controlling the number of undead monsters, the strength of the skull king should be close to the zombie road. Perhaps this is the real strength that the undead king should have.
Because many resin kings fought in the war, although Sophie Su and Yue can resist locally, from the perspective of the whole battlefield, their side is at an absolute disadvantage.
But soon, Sophie Su finally realized that the moon array is powerful, and those lingering black lights can not only strengthen zombies, but also bring dead zombies back to life almost continuously.
Everywhere, there are evil spirits and zombies getting up again, which finally stopped the crazy attack of thousands of resin kings and skeletons.
Relying on the dark array force, the battlefield quickly reached a stalemate, and then with the passage of time, the advantage slowly tilted towards Sophie Su and Moon.
But Sophie Su’s heart is getting more and more nervous because the King of Skeletons still hasn’t appeared!
That’s the real enemy. Even if these skeleton zombies kill more, they won’t be able to kill the skeleton king.
Su Yan looked at the moon and saw that she was also chanting incantations on her face. Obviously, she did not regard the present situation as a victory.
Just at this time, with a terrible coercion spreading rapidly in the dark, Sophie Su’s heart trembled and it was immediately clear that the King of Skeletons had finally come in person!
"Don’t you want to rely on these small roles to deal with me? You are too self-sufficient! " The majestic sound of the Skull King sounded in the whole geological cave, and it was directly recalled in my mind.
Sophie Su looked into the darkness and saw that the Skull King was still wearing a heavy armor, wearing a crown and holding a rusty epee.
And with its appearance, the strength of those skeleton warriors is suddenly strengthened, and the level of 60 or 70 can compete with more than 10 levels and strengthen the evil spirits zombies through law.
"Hum, it is you who are not strong enough to surpass this world, but you are trying to gain an artifact power and leave yourself to die from that plane gate. No one will care about you, but the dark crown must be left!" Month also finally opened his eyes sneer at a way
"Ha ha, are you willing to stay here to survive? That’s your thing. You want the dark crown to come and get it as soon as possible. You ran away. I see where you can go this time."
Skull king laughed at the black mans suddenly and violently, and at the same time raised a huge sword in his hand, and the whole person rushed to the moon like a black flash.
Sophie Su looked at this scene in the distance and couldn’t help secretly losing his mind. The weapon of the Skull King is said to be a part of the Excalibur of Gankun, but it definitely belongs to the artifact even though I don’t know the specific attributes, and it is probably not worse than the dragon pattern. The delicate appearance of the artifact month should be difficult to compete head-on.
Indeed as expected, the month did not compete head-on, but a charming reprimand immediately led several evil spirits to risk their lives to stand in front of her and forcibly blocked the skull king.
The skull king attacked fiercely, but in the face of this evil spirit corpse, Wang Suyan, whose health value is as high as 6, he didn’t believe that he could directly kill it.
Sure enough, the "black flash" of the Skull King was immediately entangled by the evil spirit corpse king. Although the rusty sword was roaring, every sword attack was as high as more than 100,000, but it still took a lot to kill these evil spirit corpse kings.
Sophie Su couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. He was trying to manipulate his’ army of the dead’ and quietly went to help attack the King of Skeletons, only to find that the King of Skeletons was in the siege of the evil spirit corpse king and soon gave a strange laugh to be continued.
Chapter four hundred and four From underground combat (3)
"Jie Jie … how dare you control the undead in front of me? Is this your plan to intercept me? Even if the blood is in your hands, you are not as good as me!"
As the strange laugh of the Skull King sounded, it was sure that soon two evil spirits corpse kings suddenly fell into a violent state, but they directly attacked other evil spirits corpse kings next to them.
Sophie Su heart suddenly a surprised that the king of skeletons could forcibly control the evil spirits resin king seems to be his own 【 dark resin art 】 somewhat similar.
As the Skull King took control of two evil spirits again, Betty Wong finally gave up chanting spells and took out blood.
Before Sophie Su saw the different shapes of the half moon, the blood drink turned out to be a straight and slender sword, which was very beautiful.
But the thought of this slender and exquisite craft sword against the giant sword in the hand of the King of Skeletons, Sophie Su, could not help but convulse at the corner of his mouth.
"Give me back that blood drink, and I will spare you!" The skull king was particularly angry when he saw the blood drink.
"That also needs you to have the strength …" Said the month, which was already fuelling the blood attack on the King of Skeletons and seeing that several evil spirits had regained her control.
Sophie Su couldn’t help saying that the two men were fighting and constantly fighting for the control limit of the evil spirit corpse king.
Dressed in a white skirt, the moon is still dancing like a white butterfly in this dark underground, relying on the speed and strange posture to constantly attack the King of Skeletons.
And the King of Skeletons simply stayed there because the speed was not as good as that of the Moon. The sword in his hand was greatly combined with the sharp horse’s firm but gentle sword, and the Moon had to try his best to dodge the left and right, which looked like a butterfly struggling to fly in a storm.
"I can’t do this …" Seeing that the moon root method is close to the king of skeletons and those evil spirits are constantly changing to control the root. There is no fighting capacity. Sophie Su can’t help secretly being impatient.
"Haha, the strongest effect of this blood drink is the separation of flesh and blood. Unfortunately, the separation of flesh and blood is effective for the living. In front of me, the damage of this blood drink is not as good as that of a half-moon." King Skeleton laughed.
At the same time, the shock wave of the skull king will cut out hundreds of meters every time and eventually sink into the soil and blow down a large mine. Sophie Su suspects that it is possible to completely collapse the whole mine if you play like this again.
Sophie Su couldn’t help frowning. If the mine collapsed in the battle, he might be able to escape by escaping from the ground, but the little nun around him would definitely not.
He finally chose to summon the white boar, hoping that the guy who is good at melee could suppress the King of Skeletons together, and he had to risk taking the dragon pattern to get close to the King of Skeletons.
"What is this place … damn so many zombies!" As soon as the white boar recovered, it was startled. Obviously, the zombies and skeletons coming from all directions were so scary.
See white boar can be summoned to Sophie Su this just slightly relieved this guy in addition to strong combat effectiveness can also let oneself "extremely true spirit" play a good effect.
"We’re going to kill the King of Skeletons!" Sophie Su hurriedly reached the order.
"Skull King … that’s the crown of darkness!" Unexpectedly, the white boar was the first to find and care that it was the crown of the skull king’s head, and it was unexpectedly called out. Obviously, the crown is of great value.