My heart suddenly cooled, and Nima said the whole story. There is no yamen in this breezy city. Where are you going to fuck me?

Chapter 43 How can I get out of the city?
High-handed, the two guard eldest brothers took me and walked to the city. Looking at the gates getting farther and farther away, I secretly read how to get out of this city.
At this time, both sides of the road are already full of people, including players and np people. From time to time, some people don’t listen. "Haha, isn’t that the second best in the class? Look, he is a red name and was arrested by np."
"Is Tianya really malicious pk other players?"
"Hurry up and put it on the forum, there will be a lot of hits."
It’s a bunch of well-rounded things.
Silently lamented, then gave up resistance, but inadvertently saw a familiar face.
I suddenly saw the hope and shouted in the crowd, "Two, you are quick to help me! Two, did you hear me? Two! "
At this time, I also noticed that I tilted my head as if wondering if I had seen this man before.
In a short time, the two eyes shone at the moment and rushed out of the crowd and shouted at the guard, "Big Brother, you wait."
Obviously, the guard knew Er and stopped after hearing Er’s call. When Er ran to him, he asked, "Er, what can I do for you?"
Second, it is also unambiguous to come to the service road. "I know this man, Big Brother, and he is not a bad person. Today, the master promised to help him."
"Er is really a good boy," I silently thanked him in my mind.
"oh? Master Ganjiang promised to help him? Then it seems that he is really not a hateful person. "The guard’s face also shows a hint of reluctance. When I was about to beg him to let me go, he said," But this man is really guilty. Since he was hit by us, he can’t be tolerated. "
Suddenly, my heart is cold again. Even this name has been reported. This guard is really upright. Do you need me to draw money?
But I can’t pay for it when I’m on the shelf. I begged for a second look and said, "Second, can you please come out?"
"I’ll try," he said, and ran out. Two guards ignored dragging me forward.
I was also angry and slammed my arm.
Fuck, no shaking …
I can’t help it. A weak little assassin then smirked and said, "Brother Guard, at least give me a chance to show my innocence."
"Can you say that you have also said what chance you want?" The guard said impatiently.
"Listen to what the master has to say." I am impatient but afraid to send it.
After the two guards were silent for a moment, their hands loosened and they put me on the ground. They turned around and held my shoulder with one hand and looked at the north blacksmith’s shop.
You can’t see anything except the crowds.
"Give me one way, please!" The second tone soon passed through the crowd, followed by an old man in fine clothes.
This lieutenant is also extremely difficult to have a chance to meet the two of them. When they see the lieutenant coming, they push me and respectfully shout, "Thank you, master lieutenant."
"Nothing. This young man and I are acquaintances. It’s not a big rape. If it’s not a big mistake, give him a chance for the time being."
"But … it’s hard for us to do this." Although the lieutenant has said, the guards are also reluctant
"Is it good to make meritorious deeds?" The lieutenant smiled and looked at me.
I’m not stupid, so I quickly said, "Guard Brother, if there’s anything I can do to help you, I can do anything."
"Hum!" After the guard glared at me, he respectfully said to the lieutenant, "Today, let’s give him a chance to make amends and make meritorious deeds for the sake of the master."
Say that finish lieutenant smiled and turned away.
The guard let go of my hand, turned around and shouted angrily, "Let’s let you go in front of the master, but we have to give you something. Are you willing to accept it?"
Indicate whether to accept the request of the guard officer [Kill the big-eyed monkey]. After the completion of the exit conditions, you can get a certain reward at the guard officer’s exit. If you give up or fail, you will be permanently disqualified from entering the city.
The root had no choice but to accept it, so he did not hesitate to choose OK.
It shows that you have accepted the introduction of "Killing Big-Eyed Monkeys" to kill two big-eyed monkeys in Taoliudi, north of the city, and take two monkey heads to the guards at the north gate of the city. You will get some rewards. Although big-eyed monkeys are vegetarian animals, they are very aggressive. They are very territorial and often appear alone.
After reading the introduction, I am relieved that it is a one-on-one conversation, which is not difficult. Even if I meet a big-eyed monkey boss, I believe I can kill it one-on-one
After receiving it, I looked at the two guards beside me timidly and said, "Guard Brother, then I will go out of the city to catch monkeys?"
The guard was stunned, and the incredible expression seemed to say,’ How can the master know such a person and take him off?’
Haha, no matter how confused you are, I’m hugging my thighs anyway
In order to avoid these two np’s returning, I ran out. At this time, the spectators also dispersed, but the storm was still there.
I wonder how Tianbreezy City will discuss this story.
How I wanted to go out of town with a dagger in my hand.
The map outside the north gate of the city is still a rainforest. It seems that it is the same all over the city, and it is not delayed. Those big ants are in a hurry and dare not bother me.
Although I have a big name, being famous at the end of the world first is enough to deter those who want to earn a reward and explode my equipment.
Even Guanyin gave in to tears. The situation is that those soldiers and crabs will
After a while, I went into the jungle and looked at the map and walked on.
Let’s go here first, Taoliudi. It’s not really hard to find a place to collect herbs.
About 5 minutes later, there are few tall trees in the map, and then there is Taoliudi, where the big-eyed monkey is located.
Just as I was scanning my surroundings, a plant with different looks fell into my sight and flashed by.
A slender leaf that is higher than the grass has grown into a cluster with a little Phnom Penh and mixed with a few white flowers. It’s when you are young.
You can see the name of this grass flower when you step forward and get closer and closer.
[Breeze Grass] It’s hard to find a place when you walk through iron shoes. I’m happy to squat down beside Breeze Grass and stretch out my hand to pull it out. Unfortunately, it didn’t respond when I let go. Breeze Grass suddenly woke up.
Fuck! I didn’t bring my tools. That python stone cliff is a special case.
You can’t kill the monkey after you’ve run so far and the two places are so close. Come back after you buy a hoe and sickle.
But there’s no other way. I’m annoyed. It’s stupid.
Just about to get up and go to Taoliu to kill monkeys, a light flashed in my head.
A hoe is also a sickle and a hair cutter. Why can’t I dig with a dagger?
Thinking of me, I took out a white scale dagger and bent down to dig the breeze grass.
Just a knife to listen to a roar behind him.