Looking at the words "not to be traded, not to be discarded, not to be stolen", Yu Fannai sighed and took the egg back, thinking that it was only more than 1,500 for Gulen and Carl to add up the difficulty of eliminating evil, while the difficulty of stealing eggs was 1,600, and Yu Fanfan was a big one for a while.

I’m going to pick up an egg and eat it, but I’m even more perverted than Gulen. Who’s bothering who? I’m worried. I always bake my ya to eat! Anyway, it didn’t say no barbecue
I was depressed about the egg thief for a while, and Yu Fan turned her eyes to a cloak in the package. I think this is a ghost cloak, which can be recognized as a treasure by Gu Lun.
So thinking about Yu Fan ordered the attribute of ghost cloak:
Ghost cloak (Hallows level)
Ghost King-General once wore an ordinary cloak and became a holy thing because he was contaminated with a little magic from the general.
Special things (occupational restrictions)
To rank: rank
Physical defense: 1-1
Magic defense: 1-1
Power +1
Physical strength +1
Intelligence +1
Endurance +1
Agile +1
Spirit +1
Additional skills: Ghost Shadow: Consuming magic can force the emissary into invisibility. In the first second, he is in the enemy’s invisibility, and his movement speed is increased by 30%. For three minutes, he consumes mana. For every 100 extra points of invisibility, he adds one second to attack, cast and be attacked. The cooldown will be one hour.
It’s another holy thing, and it still has no level limit, and it still doesn’t occupy the equipment column. It belongs to a special thing. The cloak is even more awesome. It still has a cloak similar to the hidden skill, and it can be a guest killer by itself.
It’s more convenient to peek at a beautiful woman and take a bath later! Of course, how can Yu Fan recognize a diaosi who has ideals and pursuits to peep at a beautiful woman and take a bath? How can you do such a dirty and obscene thing?
Suo Yufan thinks that peeping at a bunch of beautiful women taking a bath is the best way to get rid of silk when you have ideals and pursuits-for example, you should pursue yourself and Yufan is constantly striving to peep at a bunch of beautiful women taking a bath.
Although there is no grade limit for wearing this cloak, Yu Fan did not wear it now, but took it to the warehouse and put it away.
Cloak, a special thing, is not sold in the equipment store of Novice Village. Either you are stupid enough to know that cloaks are good things to see in Novice Village. If you don’t wear them, you will lose a lot because you are afraid of being besieged and exposed.
After listening to two dog’s talk about the novice village, he will be bound when he arrives in a big city. He will have to pay a certain amount of gold coins to bind the equipment to the messenger. When the role of the bound equipment dies, the probability of the equipment being exposed is reduced by ten times, and the probability of being stolen is reduced by twenty times.
It’s not too late for Yu Yufan to wait until he gets out of the novice village and binds the cloak. Besides, it’s common for people to wear cloaks in big cities, and it won’t look special to wear this cloak by themselves.
"ding! Your team member Jiang Peipei died. "
"ding! Your team member, the handsome hunter, died. "
"ding! The captain of your team is elegant and picturesque, and your team is dissolved. "
While Yu Fan was thinking about where to look for a lot of beautiful women to bathe after wearing a cloak of ghosts, a series of unified instructions brought Yu Fan back to reality.
"All dead? It is estimated that she was killed by Gulen’s attack skill. It seems that the female rogue failed to change her job, but it took so long to die and I don’t know if she got two or three treasures from Gulen. "
When the female hooligans showed their death, Yu Fan looked at it. It was more than forty minutes since her death, and I don’t know if they entered the treasure house of Gulen like themselves and stole three treasures of Gulen.
However, these are not the things that Yu Fan should think about now, and the resurrection point of female hooligans should not be set in the novice village, nor can they ask them what happened in these forty minutes.
What Yu Fan has to do now is to find Wang Popo to hide, and then leave the novice village and head for the beautiful city like a cloud.
If you die, you will fail and you won’t get a reward. As a result, I didn’t expect that although you hung up and finally cleared the source of evil, you had already completed the difficulty reward before, and this made Yu Fan happy from ear to ear.
Moreover, Lu Xiu, who killed the skeleton assassin-the Blood Moon and the Taoist priest of the Skull Word-also won 16 difficulty rewards plus the first 74, making a total of 9 difficulty rewards.
Yu Fan drooled and walked towards Wang Popo’s residence while imagining that Wang Popo could reward himself with a hidden career or a fairy artifact, forgetting how hard Wang Popo had pitted him before.
"grandma! Grandma! I’m back. It’s up to you! I haven’t seen you for a long time. I miss you so much, grandma! "
After seeing Wang Popo, Yu Fan rushed to Wang Popo’s side with enthusiasm, and a grandmother called her very kind. Although she had been pitted several times before, she gave her the hidden and she was also responsible for distributing the rewards. If she didn’t do well, she would be cheated again.
"yo! You’d better not come back. When you come back, it’s so noisy that my wife and I can’t get quiet. Why? Come back from death? Failed? Let my wife show me what good things you have got! "
Wang Popo said that there was a faint and almost imperceptible purple light in her eyes. In the instant when the purple light appeared, Yufan once again had the feeling that the whole person was seen through, which made Yufan very uncomfortable.
Moreover, I am worried that Wang Popo’s skill level will not already know the privacy of being an old or a virgin when I think of the chance of a gold dog breaking privacy! What a shame!
"yo! Sure enough, you got some good things, but it’s a pity that you wasted all the good things and lost the essence seriously! Too bad, huh? ! Take out that pet egg and show it to my wife. Come on! "
"grandma! I came back to pay you a reward! How come you robbed me again? "