Unicorn flying super fast Xia Yumo has arrived at the slave camp in less than half a minute.

Overlooking it, you can see that the scale of the building is comparable to that of a primary fortress. The camp is full of gray sand mixed with thatch to build a simple barracks. One by one, slaves in chains and ragged clothes dragged their shackles and bowed their heads and walked through.
Humans, elves, tauren, trolls, orcs … slaves of all races have everything.
It seems that the information is true. There are at least hundreds of slaves here, and the sand bandits guarding the slaves are defending. However, it is not difficult to deal with the fact that there are only two thousand people with a moon in Bai Liusu.
However, can we encourage slaves to rebel? Xia Yumo is not sure about the eternal historical background. Slaves are usually soft and unintelligent. Once committed, most slaves will be enslaved to death in chains, and rarely dare to resist slave owners, otherwise sand bandits will not send two thousand men to guard hundreds of thousands of slaves.
"Do it now?"
Summer rain foam hovers in the air to solicit opinions from all over the sky
Although the rain-listening building was dissolved, the personal ability of the rain-listening building is also a great god-level master, and his adaptability and combat experience are more than one level higher than that of Xia Yumo.
The rain and flowers all over the sky cast a glance at the face. The unicorn was too glaring. The sand bandits defenders had found them. Many sand bandits archers carried heavy crossbows out of the camp and were preparing to install crossbows to attack them.
It’s raining all over the sky. "I think Grant should come over. If the slaves refuse to obey our orders and are driven by sand bandits to deal with us, then our whole plan will fail. Go to Grant. His status is a good deterrent to slaves. Fringe and I will temporarily hold off the sand bandits and put us in that position!"
Xia Yumo controlled the unicorn to dive and land at the entrance of a lane near the slave camp.
Two thousand sand bandits in the slave camp watched the unicorn’s landing position and kept coming after him.
On the other hand, the three thieves, sleeping in the rain, smoking without fire and stealing handsome flowers at night, sneaked into the city together and touched the sand bandit armory as early as the city gate was not broken.
Np warfare also depends on weapons and equipment. If we don’t arm those slaves, we can’t beat a sand bandit with our bare hands. Besides, half of these slaves have low combat effectiveness and produce np.
All three thieves were infused with accelerating agents, but they were still very fast even though they were in stealth.
They kept changing their positions and moving routes to avoid teams of sand bandits running back and forth in the street.
These three men are all top thieves, and their stealth and concealment skills are all very high. Unless the sand bandits can predict that thieves will sneak up and keep shining arrows or block the streets with eagle-eye skills, they will never be able to detect their stealth.
"wait for a boss!" There is a street separated from the armory, and a patrol team appeared in front of the three men.
A sand bandit, five ordinary monsters, two elites and a boss.
Sleeping in the rain, the demon pupil identified a common armor method, boss11 level blood volume of 3 million.
A sand bandit just blocked the corner of the street. If you want to get close to the armory, you must lead them.
"Smoke man to you!"
"Why me again?" Smoking without fire
"You thief is not purely a hunter. Can you be far and near? Are you me?"
"Hum, I knew my brother was sharp!"
Smoking, no fire, no voice, sharper than he did. When he came, he heard a loud bang. A large building complex in Xicheng District collapsed in the spread of the magic crystal beam and then disappeared
Those cavalry who are attacking the turret west barracks are also evaporated!
"The lofty sentiments are mighty!" Everyone wowed.
Chapter DiQiLiu surprise capture the city (2)
The explosion stopped, the smoking stopped, the fire stopped, the longbow was pulled out, and a multiple arrow was fired at the sand bandit squad.
The dense arrows easily broke the sand bandits’ boss robe and floated up with 2+ damage values.
"Catch that adventurer!" The famous boss of Mulaituobujia stopped shaking his body, waved his staff and shot a flame arrow at smoking without fire. Seven sand bandits pulled out machetes and surrounded him together.
Smoking without fire quickly withdrew from a few steps and turned back to cover the past with another volley.
Splashing … Sharp iron arrow nailed into the sand bandit’s body and a piece of more than 4,000 damage values floated up.
Sleeping in the rain and staying fragrant at night while the sand bandits are around, when the run-up accelerates, it sweeps past the corner and then runs towards the armory.
Smoking here, no fire, put away the longbow and change the dagger, and rushed to meet the sand bandits. Then a wrong step made two sand bandits shield their bodies. Everything was like a butterfly wearing flowers and easily passed through seven sand bandits to contain their left feet. With the help of a push, they jumped up high and kicked in half a foot to break Muleto’s magic singing.
Landing body a spin two daggers a young fierce to Muleto head.
Stun, backhand backstab, quick strike, cruel chisel …
Muleto bellow a forehead floating out a more than twenty thousand damage value and back was brutally gouged out a more than two feet long gouges where whole pieces were missing bright blood spattered out.
Control Muleto’s smoking, no fire and no war. Looking back, he turned around and gathered around. The sand bandits disappeared, lost their hatred and cut into stealth to catch up with the rain and sleep.
In fact, his skills and exercises can definitely hit Muleto with 3 million blood in ten minutes, but now is not the time to push boss. Their goal is to pile up weapons and equipment in the armory.
At this time, the heavily armored cavalry that killed the city had already received the fire from the patrol team of sand bandits, but the most sand bandits stationed troops in Dongcheng District, and the garrison troops in Xicheng District were killed with one gun to support the magic crystal turret, and they were shelled halfway, with 5,000 troops left with less than 1,000.
Moreover, sand bandit patrols all over the streets are rushing to the magic crystal turret to finish the fight against the heavy cavalry when there is no time.
Heavily armored cavalry, the two thousand-man teams, launched a group charge by virtue of their military superiority, which was a rolling assault propulsion.
A sand bandit patrol with dozens of people was effectively intercepted by a direct encounter.
Luo Yunmeng, Tang Weiwei and I are handsome, and I am guilty. Three people rode their mounts and followed the armored cavalry until the cavalry rushed into the central square of the castle. Together, they inserted into the left main city road. At the end of this road is the location of the second magic crystal turret.
To attack the second turret, they took control of the city.
Unexpectedly, when I arrived at the ground, I saw that two sand bandits’ 100-member team had set up a defensive formation, and the first magic crystal turret fell there, which made the sand bandits strengthen their defense.
"Jong and I cover Vivian frost wyrm to kill them!" Luo yun Meng Dao
"No problem …"
As soon as Tang Weiwei promised, the whole turret shook violently and saw a golden beam tearing the sky in the line of sight …
It’s over! Three people in the heart qi qi sank less than half a second, and it was earth-shattering noise. The turret where the pride day was located was hit by the rushing beam.
After the lofty sentiments occupied the turret, two guns almost destroyed half of the troops stationed in the sand bandit corps, and the sand bandit was so angry that he finally destroyed the captured turret cruelly.