Now, with five lives, other players can’t even think about it!

[Holy Light Power] The current level lv1, the highest level lv5, rises to 2, and the required skill point 2 can be resurrected in the same place immediately after its own death. After 5 times of resurrection every day, there will be no abnormal state of punishment and 5% of the total health will be restored every second.
"I’ll go!" When Chu Yun saw this skill, he didn’t know how to speak.
Let’s not say that five times a day, the abnormal state of the epidemic will go against the sky just by restoring 5% of the total health every second. This is still the first level. If you are promoted to level five, you will not encounter the kind of absolute enemy that can kill the enemy.
Chapter 79 Holy Light Tianma! ()
Now Chu Yun looks at Bai Biao with pity in his eyes. He has no confidence. He is full of absolute confidence at the moment.
[Holy Phototherapy] The current level lv1, the highest level lv5, rises to 2, and the required skill points 3 gradually heal the whole body for 1 meter. All friendly partners (including themselves) recover 5% of the total health per second, lasting for 1 second, consuming magic for 2, and cooling for 3 seconds.
Seeing this skill, Chu Yun’s breathing is a little restless. The range of 1 meter restores 5% of the total health per second. This skill is definitely a team soul skill. It’s too fate!
[Hot Blood Heart] The current level lv1, the highest level lv5, rises to 2, and the required skill point 3 increases the physical attack of friendly partners (including self-expansion) by 1% around 1 meter. second of time consumes magic power for 2 seconds while cooling down.
Chu Yun is not interested in this skill. He is intelligence plus strength. No, of course, it is absolutely magical for the team.
[Passionate Heart] The current level lv1, the highest level lv5, rises to 2, and the required skill point 3 increases the nearby friendly partners (including themselves) by 1%. The magic attack lasts for second of time, and it takes magic 2 to cool down for 1 second.
Seeing this Chu Yun, I can’t help rejoicing that 1% magic attack power may not be so good, but if you fill up your skills, and this skill lasts for second of time, it’s scary just to think about it!
Face and skills are not open.
[Holy Light Shield] has not been opened yet.
[dazzling eyes] has not been opened yet
[Holy Light Purification] has not been started yet.
[Holy Light Enchantment] has not been opened yet.
"The sky shines brightly" has not been opened yet.
Chu Yun doesn’t have many skill points now. There are six. Let’s talk about it first.
[Passionate Heart] The current level lv2, the highest level lv5, rises to 3, and the required skill point 4 increases the nearby friendly partners (including themselves) by 2%. The magic attack lasts for second of time, and it takes 1 second to cool down.
It turned into an increase of 2% magic attack, which is not too scary, is it? Unfortunately, after 3 o’clock, there are still 3 o’clock left, and it is only two points away from being promoted to the next level.
Since this skill is not enough, add another skill.
[Holy Phototherapy] The current level lv2, the highest level lv5, rises to 3, and the required skill points 4 gradually heal the whole body for 15 meters. All friendly partners (including themselves) recover 6% of the total health per second, and the duration is 12 seconds, consuming magic 2 and cooling 3 seconds.
"Not bad, not bad …" Although the health per second increased by 1%, it lasted for 2 seconds, which was an unexpected joy.
At this time, Chu Yun stopped because now he has no reason to be afraid of this big black pig.
"Why did you stop?" Bai Biao eager to see his wife see each other don’t want to stop way
"Kill you, of course." Chu Yun smiled and showed his white teeth.
Bai Biao one leng face was dark to sink a way "where’s my wife?"
"Your wife ha ha ….." Chu Yun licked her mouth and smiled. "Your wife’s thighs are really white and tender. Call them a Shu …"
Chu Yun doesn’t want to do this, but it can’t be helped. Only by angering this guy can he forget the escape skill of blood escape.
A white tiger is already black, and it is even darker.
"You take a good look at yourself and look like a big fat pig. It’s like a flower inserted in pig manure. I feel sick for your wife …" Chu Yun hated that this sentence is not a lie. His wife’s enchanting figure and gorgeous appearance really don’t deserve this fat pig.
Chu Yun imagined that a beautiful glistening body was arched by this big fat pig day and night, which really hurt the woman.
"You want to die!" Bai Biao can’t stand it anymore. He won’t believe it until he kills this bastard.
"The holy light Tianma appears!"
Chu Yun directly summoned the holy light Tianma and saw that Chu Yun’s body light rose like a round of obsidian day, which blinded people.
A loud hooves neighing, a light mass separated from Chu Yun’s body, and Bai Biao was shocked and was at a loss with a broadsword.
At that moment, when the light of the light group slowly disappeared, Chu Yun saw an absolutely shocking scene. He saw a snow-white head with long horns and a winged Tianma.
If only this way, Chu Yun will not be shocked. After all, this is much more common.
And this Tianma … First of all, it’s the head horn, which is not the horn like a unicorn with ugly color, but the whole body is bright and emits a halo horn, which is very beautiful. Its wings are huge and it can be said that it is bigger than its body. In the middle of the sky, Tianma looks soft and weak. How can this horse be powerful and domineering?
The key point is that there is a light wheel on each of the wings on the top of this Tianma, and the light wheel on both wings is very large and the head is much smaller.
This nimbus seems to be reminiscent of the head aperture of heaven after death, but this nimbus is much stronger and richer than that aperture color.
And its tail is thick and dense, which reminds people of Bai Longma in The Journey to the West.
While Bai Biao became speechless, Chu Yun shouted in a hurry, "Little Saint, get down and let me go."
For his master’s command or listen to the holy light Tianma quickly squat down at this time Chu Yun jumped and sat down.
Sitting on the edge is very soft and comfortable, which is many times better than that bordeaux horse.
"Fly …" Chu Yun said excitedly. If he flew over Chu Yun in the main city, he believed that the whole China would be crazy.
For Bai Biao, it was a shock. When it was too late in Chu Yunfei, there was no reaction.
"Hey, it’s time to wake up." Now I’m flying in the sky and believe that the other side can’t attack any more. Even if it does, there are five resurrection opportunities anyway.
Bai Biao shook himself and roared, "Damn it, what is this?"
For such creatures, let alone seeing them, I have never even heard of them.
Chu Yun is too lazy to talk nonsense. The dialogue tiger shows an attack magic ayane Juechen sound.
—2214 (Breaking Strike)
"Little Saint, if your ordinary attack is remote, give me an attack." Although Shengguang Tianma has no attack skills, there is definitely an ordinary attack, but I just don’t know whether the ordinary attack is remote or close.
Chapter Holy Light Shield!
As soon as Chu Yun’s words fell, they condensed into a light spot from the mouth of Shengguang Tianma, and gradually the light spot became larger and formed a photoelastic attack.
The attack power is very weak. Chu Yun is not surprised. After all, the holy light Tianma is an auxiliary type. If the attack is strong, it will be won.
Bai Biao trembled and Chu Yun’s attack was cool!
"What a dare!" Bai Biao was furious and wronged to death.
"Do I have the guts to tell you anything? Just let your wife know that I have the guts." Chu Yun pretended to be yin with a smile.
"You …" Bai Biao’s face turned blue and purple like Sichuan Opera, and the veins stood out on his forehead collapsed like disgusting earthworms.
"Your wife’s bed technology is really good. If you are killed, you can enjoy it for a generation. Ha ha ha …"
Chu Yun yin smiled and attacked, and this is the moment to crack and kill.