The attack power is far from that of the former katar. The arbitrator who was hit hard stumbled backwards and almost fell down. Seeing this scene, Wang Tianping was driving the parade and was about to explode. But at this moment, the Atlas arbitrator suddenly straightened his arms along the backward tilting force to try to maintain balance.

The warning signs in Wang Tianping’s mind are sudden. Atlas’s hand-to-hand combat strength is not strong, but it will definitely lose its balance without a simple split. Now, keeping balance and opening your arms is not to leave the chest door to the enemy. Atlas couldn’t have been unaware of this, so he must have done it for other purposes.
Thought of this, Wang Tianping abruptly put away his offensive and stopped at the same place, while the audience was still wondering that if Wang Tianping stopped, he would gain a greater advantage. When the Atlas arbitrator stopped, he made a new move and stretched his arms.
Blade storm! As soon as Atlas moved, the audience immediately saw that what he was doing was the blade storm, which has a high reputation in the game at present, and unlike other players, Atlas turned faster, its feet were more stable, its moving direction was controllable, and its dual-arm auxiliary thrusters were also in the open state.
This is obviously the authentic blade storm, which is almost exactly the same as the original dream glass made by Wang Tianping. Now, just in the early stage, the alloy combat knife offensive has already shown more combat effectiveness than the dream glass. It is not difficult to imagine the strength of Atlas to complete the last stop shooting.
Although Wang Tianping saw the clue before the blade storm and evaded it to some extent, it was not so easy to deal with the blade storm at such a close distance, and even Wang Tianping found a way to find a solution for a while, which could be to retreat.
If the spacious terrain has enough retreat, the power of the blade storm will be greatly reduced. But now the battlefield is still in the ruins of the ancient city. Although broken walls has been destroyed by two mecha, it is still no problem to become a mecha obstacle. That is to say, Wang Tianping can retreat now, but he will soon be cornered.
The audience stopped the noise and kept a close eye on Wang Tianping’s footsteps. At this time, the distance behind the patrolman was not far from the nearest obstacle, and the Atlas offensive was just a short time before the propeller overheated.
What will Wang Tianping do? In all eyes, Wang Tianping is getting closer to the obstacle, and Atlas is pushing very hard. In this case, controlling the mecha to turn or jump will produce a certain stagnation, and once there is stagnation, the blade storm will immediately attack the mecha.
Five steps, four steps, three steps, two steps and one step!
Wang Tianping has retired, and there is a wall behind the patrolman. When it comes to this step, the patrolman will come to a standstill, and once the blade storm works here, it will definitely take away the durability of the patrolman’s outer armor. The durability advantage gained by Wang Tianping’s previous offensive will not only swing, but also fall into the wind.
Moreover, the audience knows that the blade storm is not a separate skill, which is similar to the body-breaking skill in general online games. The biggest effect is not to kill, but to break the opponent’s defense, so that the opponent can get the best effect after the attack.
Wang Tianping is in crisis!
Chapter 636 Blade Storm Endless Cracking Method
The blade storm Wang Tianping brought into the game as the earliest advanced skill. Now, although it has not reached the level of rotten streets because of the difficulty, it will definitely make many players play this trick. After all, it was a long time ago, even if you draw a tiger according to a cat, you can imitate one or two of them.
Spinning in place is no longer a difficult task for many old players. Choosing to have melee weapons in both hands is a handy exercise for mecha players.
Patrol, arbiter and stalker, many mechs can do it, even if they still need to control weapons, many players don’t do it very hard
But the real sword-blade storm is definitely not effective by turning around in the same place. The flower stand rotates in the same place with double-arm auxiliary thrusters, so that the rotation speed and strength can be guaranteed, and the enemy can be harmed when encountering the enemy, instead of the sword crashing behind the enemy and stopping its own mecha.
Moreover, it is not enough to rotate, and it is necessary to control the direction of the mecha, so that when the enemy evades and moves, he can chase and continue to persecute the enemy, and it is also necessary to control the direction of the weapon, so that he can control the blade at any time to continue the attack when the enemy squats or iron bridge.
Finally, stop shooting. This skill can be regarded as the closing trick of the blade storm, and it is also the key of the blade storm. It is also the difficulty of the blade storm. There are countless players who have completed the blade storm with this trick, including many famous top players.
The sword attack in the early stage of the blade storm is to contain and break the body. If the enemy fails to deal with it well, it may cause a lot of damage to the enemy. However, due to many restrictions on terrain and timing, the combination method often achieves high results in the sword attack stage, which is to force the enemy to retreat at most.
Once you join the final emergency stop shooting, you can shoot the enemy at close range, even at a distance. The damage caused by laser gun shooting at a distance is naturally higher than that caused by melee weapons, and the small explosion caused by laser light and armor outside the body can also cause a lot of impact.
Therefore, once the final emergency stop shooting is successful, the enemy will not only suffer great damage, but also lose balance. At this time, the sword-edge storm side can immediately pursue and quickly launch a wave to lay the foundation for its own victory
After seeing that Wang Tianping was forced to the wall by the storm of Atlas blade, there was no retreat, and Atlas still had a lot of spare capacity, and the blade could continue to rotate. Finally, it was necessary to stop shooting. The audience could not help but worry about Wang Tianping.
From the perspective of the audience, Wang Tianping has managed to get rid of the current dilemma. Behind him is the wall method. It is definitely not possible to continue to retreat and turn left and right. Even if it is not much, Atlas will capture the propeller. Now the propulsion direction of the propeller is still forward. First, when the propeller direction is not adjusted, and second, when the propeller is not started.
So what will Wang Tianping do?
Seeing that the patrolman was cornered, first an iron slab bridge bent backward and turned on the propeller in a moment. What is this for? The audience don’t understand that if the blade storm is caused by ordinary players, then the iron bridge will be very good, but Atlas will certainly change the direction of blade rotation. The iron bridge has no roots in his eyes
Sure enough, at the moment when Wang Tianping chose to bend over, Atlas adjusted his arms in the direction. Although that one didn’t hit just now, a blow would arrive soon. Just then, when the patrolman bent over, the propeller finally happened, while the patrolman straightened up again in Shi Huo.
Then, before the arbitrator’s alloy combat knives hit the patrolman’s body, the patrolman sharpened two knives, which was almost negligible and rushed into the arbitrator’s arms without timing.
How about this? Once again, the audience was stunned by Wang Tianping’s amazing behavior. Although he had seen Wang Tianping make a few moves in a common way, the audience was still surprised and speechless when he saw it again.
The patrolman has been snatched into the arms of the arbitrator. Although the arbitrator is still spinning, the blade storm is gone. Now there is danger. It is not Wang Tianping, the patrolman, but Atlas, the arbitrator. At this time, the weapons and equipment have not been adjusted. Even Atlas can’t even adjust itself.
The blade storm has been cracked, and it is not just a half-hanging blade storm for ordinary players, but a popular Atlas blade storm for top players to win the championship.
But Wang Tianping, who cracked the blade storm, didn’t stop at all. After controlling the patrolman to grab the arbitrator’s arms, the patrolman immediately hugged the rotating arbitrator propeller and rushed out without carrying the arbitrator.
If the two mecha are in a general state, the patrolman is of course unable to carry the arbitrator, but now the arbitrator is held back by the patrolman without adjusting the body.
Boom Boom Boom This is the sound of mecha and wall crash. The patrolman has smashed three walls with the arbitrator. The strength of the walls is not high, but such a high-speed impact still hurts the arbitrator a lot.
With the collapse of the three walls, the speed of the patrol slowed down, and the huge resistance, coupled with the imminent overheating of the propeller, made Wang Tianping’s method continue to hit the wall now, but after hitting the wall several times, it would take Atlas hours to adjust the arbitrator.
Indeed, Atlas has been hit by seven elements now. Although it is judged that the cockpit will not be damaged or affected by the impact of the pilot’s body, it is not the end of the enemy. Although the cockpit has an independent balance system, the cockpit will maintain the same direction regardless of the state of the mecha, but the shaking and impact brought by the mecha will still come in.
So he was hit by several walls on his back. Now it is very difficult for Atlas to perform even the most basic exercises. Although he is fixed in the relative position between the seat and the console by a safety belt, it is of course impossible for him to make any complicated moves now.
Wang Tianping, of course, will not miss such an attack opportunity. While the arbitrator has not recovered, he is still adjusting the balance, and the parade will break out without saying anything.
Wang Tianping actually breathed a sigh of relief at this time. He just made the method of cracking the blade storm actually have many limitations, but whether it can be successfully cracked depends on luck in many cases. Because you need to pay attention to too much exercise, the timing is complicated and there is a moment. The success rate of this method is actually less than half.
Wang Tianping was able to successfully reverse his strength and experience at the key moment. On the one hand, his luck was not ignored. On the other hand, Atlas recognized that Wang Tianping had a certain delay in adjusting the position of the blade where it was unlikely for the iron bridge to escape. This is also the reason why Wang Tianping was successful.
And what about Atlas? Of course, it’s a tragedy. In that case, it’s already very difficult to just adjust his own state and then adjust the balance of the mecha. On this basis, he will be hit by Wang Tianping’s feelings. Finally, after he consumed more than half of the armor durability outside the arbitrator, he succeeded in blocking.
Looking at the arbitrator, there is just over 400 armor durability left. The audience is sympathetic to Atlas. Is it still difficult for Wang Tianping to win in this situation? The audience has been reluctant to think about it. At this time, if he can successfully make another blade storm, there may still be a chance, but he has been warned. Will Wang Tianping give him this chance?
Chapter 637 Atlas original play
Atlas lost the first battle. It can be said that since Wang Tianping cracked the blade storm, Atlas failed without suspense. Maybe if he can find Wang Tianping’s flaw, then Gary may be able to instantly recover the decline and equalize the durability of the outer armor. In that case, there may be a certain chance of winning.
However, Wang Tianping’s experience is obviously more sophisticated than his. After determining the absolute durability advantage of the outer armor, Wang Tianping changed his cautious attitude before he finished his shot. He was desperate and would never retreat even if he was injured. It was by doing this that he ended the game before Atlas found the opportunity to reverse.
Wang Tianping won completely, but Atlas supporters didn’t lose heart, because when Wang Tianping won in the end, the durability of the mecha was less than 500, which means that Wang Tianping spent nearly 500 durability when he spelled out the last 400 durability of Atlas. Although Wang Tianping saved energy, he also said that the strength of the two was not much different
Have a chance! Atlas was not discouraged. The first failure was due to his carelessness, his incomplete preparation and his bad luck. Although Wang Tianping cracked the blade storm, Atlas certainly saw the defects of this method, and I am afraid that this method is not universal.
Although Wang Tianping grasped the initiative with a reversal and almost solved the battle with a wave of explosions, Atlas was not a novice. Even if he was passive, he did not give up resistance. He has been trying to find a way to find the opportunity. It is not easy for Wang Tianping to run out of Atlas’ endurance.
At this time, there are battles going on in several other venues, and some have also identified the winners and losers. Yunfei and Xuanwu battles have shown the characteristics of protracted war. At this time, the two of them are still confronting each other, and the armor durability is kept at 100, and both of them have not taken the initiative to attack and are observing the enemy.
Neurons, which have always been quick and decisive, have no forward speed this time. After all, his opponent is the gun king, and it is not a charge that can solve the enemy. Although neurons have mastered certain tactical ability, they still seem to be almost the same as the gun king. At this time, the gun king took the initiative, and he grasped his whereabouts with the hidden neuron root method, while the gun king was constantly attacking.
Besides Wang Tianping and Atlas, the only winner was that the snow elves fought with them. They fought even faster than Wang Tianping and Atlas. When Wang Tianping finished fighting and returned to the lounge, the battle was already over.
The victory was achieved because the terrain was complicated, and the ice elves did not realize the situation, and completed the exploration, approach and mecha stealth. Finally, a wave broke out before the ice elves could react, and they had already solved the durability of half of the enemy’s outer armor. After the battle, Wang Tianping and them almost won the battle.
If the first battle is over, the four people would like to see more of the remaining two battles, but now they don’t have much rest and the referee has asked if the second game can be played before they see anything valuable.
At the end of the battle, almost four people took one last look at the other two situations and returned to the stadium. They handed in their applications for the competition and waited for the referee to make random terrain and environment.
At this time, the gun king is still relying on the stalker to conceal and constantly harass the neurons. Although the stalker will expose his position during the long-range attack, the neurons are obviously lacking in judgment. Every time he pursues the fleeting red dot and reaches the corresponding position, there is already one person there, and the neurons seem to be unfamiliar with predicting the position according to the terrain.
The fighting between Yunfei and Xuanwu was very stable. From Wang Tianping, they watched the battle until they finished their rest. There was no big change in the fighting between the two men. They were still in the confrontation stage, and neither of them took the initiative to attack Yunfei, who was constantly harassing, while Xuanwu was constantly defending and fighting back. The battlefield was very stable and would not change for the time being.
When they arrived at their own battlefield, they immediately put their attention on this side and didn’t think about other things, and Wang Tianping and Atlas finally determined the terrain and environment in the second battle.