I don’t know what happened to that monster. Suddenly, he was rude to the arrogant waves and pressed her to the ground. The snow was very heavy and the white hoof was trampled on the arrogant waves. I couldn’t help but frown tightly and think, "Won’t this guy do the same to me later? His grandmother, if it dares to be old, if it doesn’t skin it, it’s really sorry for her Zhang Jun face."

Think about it. You’re all a little jittery. Watch that B carefully.
Chapter seventy Sea sharks help
How can the arrogant waves resist the ravages of monsters like this? I don’t know how to leave kung fu in his view. It should be extremely profitable for me, and my hands will be turned into white light.
The temporary headquarters of the Sea Shark Club, although there is no player who has established a real gang by using the help token method, is now a large-scale sea shark club. I believe it will be even larger to give them a help token.
A large group of people gathered in the lobby of the headquarters as if they were meeting. The boss of the sea shark gang was too arrogant and angry. I don’t know what made him so angry.
"What did you say? You asked someone to hang it back. How is it possible that you didn’t lie?" Arrogant too shouted at the waves, "one person will hang up 50 or 60 of you, and you don’t even know his name and grade. What do you do to eat? Usually, you and you are not all very capable. How can you throw your weight around at the crucial moment? Ah! Hum … "
"Eldest brother isn’t us … but I didn’t expect that guy didn’t know where to find a monster. It’s too powerful. Our roots are not rivals. Brothers have also entered the force, but they can finally be put out." Arrogant waves are afraid that his eldest brother will answer carefully.
"Yes, Boss, Brother Lang and I tried our best to fuck that guy, but we didn’t expect that monster B to appear, otherwise we would have killed him and brought him back a very good pet." The wretched player and his younger brothers explained to Arrogant Tai together.
"Is that so?" Too look a little better and stare at my brother’s arrogance.
"Yes, yes! Eldest brother, I also saw that the player’s pet was very good. Maybe it wasn’t an ordinary pet that paid for it from him, but he didn’t sell it. Even if he didn’t sell it, he also insulted our sea shark gang … "Said that the arrogant waves stopped here on purpose, and said that the corner of his eye looked at his eldest brother to observe this arrogant face.
"Oh, what did he say?"
"He … he said …!"
"What the hell did he say? Don’t say anything." Arrogantly, I was too impatient to see my brother’s ink sample.
"Well, boss, that guy doesn’t look down on the za sea shark gang, but he also insults the boss. You said that we are a group of undeserving gangsters. Boss, you are just an overbearing guy. Nothing will bully the weak. If he sees you, he will kick your ass once until we all quit the king.
Brother Lang just couldn’t swallow this tone before he had a conflict with him. This is the result. I really don’t blame Langge for being so arrogant that he didn’t take the za sea shark gang seriously. "Wretched players fanned the flames to arrogance and fabricated facts, and deliberately beautified themselves and those people pushed everything away.
"Ok … haha, it’s interesting. It seems that this matter is fun." Arrogant is too short of breath and looks at the face with a smile. In fact, he also knows that things are not that simple, but anyway, this tone is really embarrassing. If you just forget it, let others know how they can get along with the sea shark gang.
"Well, that’s it in advance. I’ll handle it. You all go!" Arrogant too waved his hand and told people to leave "Lang, I want to ask you something."
Everyone has left, and there are two people left in the hall, arrogant Tai and his brother arrogant Lang.
"Come on, what’s going on? I know it’s not as simple as you said. There were a lot of people just now, so it’s hard to ask. Now it’s just us two brothers. You’d better not hide anything?" Arrogance is too serious to ask his brother
"Eldest brother …"
"Don’t do what you usually do. I don’t know if you can live so easily if you are my brother." Sitting in the chair next to me, some nai looked at his undeserving brother, and he wouldn’t know what to do with him.
Chapter seventy-nine Conspiracy
Arrogant waves dare not hide anything and tell his eldest brother about it, but he didn’t dare to tell how he didn’t abuse it. That’s too shameful.
Arrogant too learned the whole thing from his undeserving brother. You said that if you want to provoke him, you should also look at the object. You can’t see such an obvious thing. As soon as people warned him, they ignored him and tried to grab pets and equipment. As a result, they were told to hang themselves once. But the sea shark gang lost a lot.
"Well, you go too. By the way, find someone to investigate who the mysterious player is!" Tai waved his hand to his younger brother and told him to go out and have a meal. He told the arrogant waves to recruit people to investigate me.
Watching the arrogant waves leave, the figure is depressed, and the communication device will be connected without a fight.
"What can I do for you in such a hurry?" From the other end of the com
"I wonder if you are interested in a business?"
"Oh, what is it that you, a big Wang, can’t solve and you want me to do it?" Com that show leng but still don’t forget to fight arrogance too.
"Don’t talk about those who didn’t ask if you were interested. If not, I can go home!" Arrogance is too unhappy. The man spoke to him with some anger and asked
"Well, tell me what the deal is. You know I charge a high price, but don’t tell me everything." The man was interested and planned to take the deal.
"Money is not a problem. If you can handle it, you will be guaranteed not to lose a cent." Arrogance seems to be very confident in that person. "But …"
"But what?"
"But I have a request, that is, you have to kill it to the novice village. I can accept the price if it is not too out of line." It seems that arrogance is too cruel to completely dry people up.
"I can wait until you send me his information before I decide how much to charge you!" The man also simply promised to come directly. It seems that he did not do less about it and even promised to come without thinking.
Hang up the com arrogance Taiyuan metal gray face peep out one silk smile "mysterious player ha ha interesting just don’t know you met him you can be so lucky? I don’t know who you two are and who you can kill! I’m really looking forward to it … "
At this time, arrogance is no longer a person. He has a smirk on his face and may be playing some bad idea. Anyway, there is no one in front of him, and no one will think that the original shark gang boss will be like this.
"Dare to bully me like this? Even if you have superhuman powers, hum … if I let you go, wouldn’t everyone bully me?" Arrogance is too ferocious to talk to himself and then converge. Just now, I knocked on the door with a cool expression and went out to call someone to decorate it.
At this time, I still seem to have no idea that I am being calculated!
As the arrogant waves disappeared, there was only me and that abnormal monster left at the scene. To be honest, I was a little nervous, too. It was not effective at killing all the sea sharks, and Mao Mao was in my heart.
It seems that this guy is not easy to handle. I’d better be careful not to capsize in the gutter. I’m depressed and muttered, watching the monster opposite carefully.
But the monster didn’t even look at me. Like lanterns, his eyes stared straight at the arrogant waves and his hands fell. I don’t know what happened, but the corners of his mouth actually flowed out.
Lickitung rolled the big sword with two hands in his mouth and told me to look straight and wonder what it wanted with the big sword with two hands and was not afraid of cutting his tongue? But moving around scared me even more.
Gab, Gab, Gab, Gab, Gab, Gab, Gab, Gab, Gab, Gab, Gab, Gab, Gab, Gab, Gab, Gab, Gab, Gab, Gab, Gab, Gab, Gab, Gab, Gab, Gab, Gab, Gab, Gab, Gab, Gab, Gab, Gab, Gab, Gab, Gab, Gab
Chapter 10 A false alarm
The monster’s figure, the big sword root with two hands, will soon be eaten up by it, but it seems that he hasn’t had enough, and his idea has hit me again.
After eating the sword, the monster turned around and stared at me closely. He was not staring at the ares blade in my hand. His eyes were shining and his mouth was watering.
Scared me into hiding the God of War blade behind my back and thinking, "This is not for you. Don’t hit it."
The monster looked at me for a long time as if he had made some decision and suddenly ran towards me. We were not far apart, and it could reach me in the blink of an eye.
Hurry up and flash out with a wrong step in the wind.
At this moment, the monster landed in my original position, but I didn’t expect it. Although it was huge, it was very flexible, and it landed without stepping on its feet. An arrow shrank and shot at me again. It was so fast that I didn’t have time to exert my skills. It had already jumped in front of me, hugged me and stepped down.
A huge hoof stepped on my body and a big mouth slowly reached my face.
Hurriedly waved the blade of God of War and quickly stabbed the monster in the left rib, thinking that mom wants to eat old, then you can’t think about it. You are not much better if you die old.
Ding, shit. How did that happen? Against the artifact, there was an epidemic this time. The God of War blade didn’t hurt the monster at all. I couldn’t help it, but it also shook my arm and my heart sank to the bottom. The only hope was shattered.
I didn’t expect to end up hanging on this b mouth! It is said that curiosity can kill cats. Isn’t that why I hung on curiosity today? Why did I have to follow it at that time? At that time, nothing happened without words!
It seems that I am too confident in myself, which has taught me a lesson, that is, confidence is indispensable, and I should not blindly believe in myself, otherwise the consequences will be serious! The price is death. This is the game. If it is realistic, there is no chance to regret it.
I haven’t hung up for a long time, mom. I didn’t expect this pervert to make me depressed.