It’s a good thing that there are no god-level guys after taking a look. Galo and Kakafu are the two guys with the strongest strength. The only thing left is the epic strength of Diluo, which is still a long way from the holy level!

Galo and others rushed out to see so many dragons, and they were frightened. When they saw me, it seemed that a group of guys were all stunned, but we are not going to talk about friendship with you! "kill!" As soon as I raised my staff, I opened up the field, and then I […]

Easy to move and fly to the central circle of the altar, set Crimson Lotus sword to fly to the top of the head, pay attention to the movement, and put it at the place where the mind is watching.

Sure enough, after a few hours, the light flashed again and finally found the hiding place. The central circle of the light altar was far away vertically. "Whew …" Crimson Lotus sword head-on straight blade folded floor flame was dragged out of thousands of flame ribbons to float back like a cloth fluttering to the […]

"Miss, you see that male looks good …"

The pretty girl said casually while eating peanuts, "Not bad … Section 4: Who was that man just now?" "Miss, you see that male looks good …" The pretty girl said casually while eating peanuts, "Not bad …" "Miss light snow has never seen such a good-looking man. It’s even better than the report …" […]

"So what? Now they are all my department, and I am their instructor. "Ah Kai is obviously very unwilling. It is true that these kids just arrived at his team one day, and their reality is nothing to do with Ah Kai. If he insists that he has something to say, he will hand it over to Xiao Li.

Xiao Li was originally sealed in chakra, but Xiao Li took advantage of the fact that the last acupuncture point was not sealed and instantly opened the door. The dun armour directly opened the Hugh door and Doumen opened the door. These three seals were instantly broken, and then they fought against Ning Ji in […]

After flying out, Mu Feng realized that he had just hit the tail of the poisonous black python king, and the poisonous black python king had launched a anticlimactic raid on them.

"Bang, bang, bang …" After a second, Mu Feng and the mad cow fell heavily on their side, full of scattered undead knight broken bones. In the attack of the poisonous black python king, Mu Feng instantly lost several skeleton knights, which made Mu Feng hate his roots. Now, after he and his own attack, […]

I don’t know what happened to that monster. Suddenly, he was rude to the arrogant waves and pressed her to the ground. The snow was very heavy and the white hoof was trampled on the arrogant waves. I couldn’t help but frown tightly and think, "Won’t this guy do the same to me later? His grandmother, if it dares to be old, if it doesn’t skin it, it’s really sorry for her Zhang Jun face."

Think about it. You’re all a little jittery. Watch that B carefully. Chapter seventy Sea sharks help How can the arrogant waves resist the ravages of monsters like this? I don’t know how to leave kung fu in his view. It should be extremely profitable for me, and my hands will be turned into white […]

This is a set of combination attacks, such as flying sword, iron seal and fire dragon. With this set of attacks, he has practiced several times. He has defeated many monks in Yuan infant period, and he is confident that he can easily kill a somewhat special monk in Jin Dan period.

The flying sword paused for the Golden Shield Fubao, while the powerful and powerful iron seal directly smashed the Golden Shield Fubao to the offset position. In the middle, the dragon waited for a moment, but it was flapping. Not to mention how powerful the fire dragon’s impact is, the hot and high temperature it […]