Lin watched while chasing.

Just five minutes later, five players in the dark world suddenly stopped and turned to face ten players who came after them. There was a strange smile on their faces … It was only with a ghost eye that they could see other people’s roots, but they couldn’t see them. Otherwise, they said that there […]

It’s horrible. It feels like I’m dying.

"The higher dragons are majestic and inviolable." Li Xuandao corners of the mouth smiling suddenly bass meaningful way "but higher dragon is not unattainable". In an instant, Aoluan’s mind was shocked. A little panic rose under her eyes, and her chest was like a deer bumping into her head. "Li Gong, I still have some […]

Ye Han breathed a sigh of relief. "It’s okay!"

It’s better for the soldiers to find the problem themselves than to control the sound after the Leishan wakes up. Luo Qi couldn’t help asking, "What do aliens want?" "It’s either looking for something or looking for someone, or it’s the other way around." Yip hon’s eyes are firm. If he doesn’t sit back and […]

"At first glance, there are many coffins parked in the caves of the sacrificial shrine. Of course, we don’t think there are ancestors’ coffins in the ancestral temple at home. It’s nothing unusual, but we see that the carved patterns of the coffins are particularly fine and the lines are strange, so we tend to have a look …" Deng Diaoliang stopped here and Jiang Xiuyin connected.

"It turns out that the coffin is engraved with music scores, and there are a few strange rhythms in the special notes. Unfortunately, we have been studying music theory for more than ten years, but we still recognize it. So we can’t help but come and try out a wonderful song. There are some old […]

Ten minutes later, Wang Tianping and Yunfei all finally returned to the battlefield. When Wang Tianping evacuated, he looked far away. At this time, sitting in the mecha cockpit, he was finally able to observe the battlefield carefully through the mecha camera.

This is an industrial park in the suburbs, and the surrounding land has been bought by the apocalypse company. The surface is the office and living area of the apocalypse company, and some of their surface industrial factories, while the real key place of the apocalypse company is the ground. At this time, many places […]

Suddenly, the bucket robot suddenly flashed two silver lights with his eyes open. His cleaning robot’s eyes were all blue or red, and silver eyes appeared, which was somewhat unreasonable.

"Hey, hey, test, normal vision, some fuzzy sounds are passable, and the second office of target positioning" Barrel robot wobbled to the outside of the warehouse. The earth’s confidential department attaches great importance to security measures, even cleaning robots simply set up, outsiders have no chance to conduct remote control, and network defense is becoming […]

The attack power is far from that of the former katar. The arbitrator who was hit hard stumbled backwards and almost fell down. Seeing this scene, Wang Tianping was driving the parade and was about to explode. But at this moment, the Atlas arbitrator suddenly straightened his arms along the backward tilting force to try to maintain balance.

The warning signs in Wang Tianping’s mind are sudden. Atlas’s hand-to-hand combat strength is not strong, but it will definitely lose its balance without a simple split. Now, keeping balance and opening your arms is not to leave the chest door to the enemy. Atlas couldn’t have been unaware of this, so he must have […]

On this day, the wedding of the young couple is also ready to be held in the afternoon, and Yu yat sen villa and others are also invited to be witnesses

The young couple invited more than a dozen friends, but fortunately, the owner of this hot spring villa lived in that courtyard by himself, and there were not many people in it. In order to attend this Japanese-style hot spring wedding, Yu Yat Sen also changed into a grand suit, and she and Lengbing arrived […]