The big handprint was discharged into the ground, and the layers of ripples and golden light shook out. Soon, a big formation became as he pulled the huge stone man out of the array. Ya Jiang was alarmed when he saw all this because Liu Yu summoned the statue of the patron saint of Shentan. […]

Lin watched while chasing.

Just five minutes later, five players in the dark world suddenly stopped and turned to face ten players who came after them. There was a strange smile on their faces … It was only with a ghost eye that they could see other people’s roots, but they couldn’t see them. Otherwise, they said that there […]

"The sky shines brightly" has not been opened yet.

The skill of Shengguang Tianma is not powerful, but I don’t know how the four skills are awesome. "Try to fill the ice breath blue dragon skills as soon as possible …" Chu Yun muttered. Just after breakfast, she was dragged into a room by Fang Xinrong. Chu Yunyuan did something bad to herself. Unexpectedly […]

Then she fought a special road ahead of herself.

And Tina’s beast-bending talent is still spiritual. With her pet animals and her extraordinary fighting skills. Can make the existing silver Samsung she broke out comparable to the strength of silver five or six stars. This kind of strength for a group of freshmen who have just entered school for one month It’s simply crushing […]

"Miss, you see that male looks good …"

The pretty girl said casually while eating peanuts, "Not bad … Section 4: Who was that man just now?" "Miss, you see that male looks good …" The pretty girl said casually while eating peanuts, "Not bad …" "Miss light snow has never seen such a good-looking man. It’s even better than the report …" […]

I didn’t have much choice in the Audi store, but I asked for an Audi Q742FSIquaro luxury model as the second time and asked them to help me buy another bank card. After paying the bill at the counter, I drove Liu Lingfei into the expressway in my new car and headed for running all the way, J.

Liu Lingfei was very nervous all night, and now she is safe, and she is driving on the expressway. Her nerves are relaxed. She fell asleep in the car without talking to me. It seems that she is really tired this evening. Because I have no chat partner, I am also interested. While the car […]

This statement is full of gunpowder in the vent, and a little spark can explode Kennan here and stare at Shao Jianhui, a reckless guy.

Just as he was about to speak, his assistant rushed in in a hurry. This young man was so flustered that he didn’t care about the rudeness of representatives from all over the world. Kennan was being pushed to the outside. Kennan was impatient and said, "Say something quickly!" The assistant is going to be […]

After the transaction was completed, Chu Yun’s attributes soared after wearing a bracelet. The girl was as excited as eating honey

Quit deputy Chu Yun and take everyone to play ordinary and simple games. After the game, everyone is still immersed in happiness and has no reaction. After the fight, everyone surrounded Chu Yun. Today, the equipment obtained in this pair is worth several months’ salary for ordinary people. The original Chu Yun intends to take […]