The big handprint was discharged into the ground, and the layers of ripples and golden light shook out. Soon, a big formation became as he pulled the huge stone man out of the array. Ya Jiang was alarmed when he saw all this because Liu Yu summoned the statue of the patron saint of Shentan. […]

They are so excited!

Yun Fan wins and rushes into the finals, and it is always decided that there will be a chance to compete for the first place. However, there are only a handful of times when players from third-class cities have rushed into the finals with a history of more than 100 years, and two of them […]

Lin watched while chasing.

Just five minutes later, five players in the dark world suddenly stopped and turned to face ten players who came after them. There was a strange smile on their faces … It was only with a ghost eye that they could see other people’s roots, but they couldn’t see them. Otherwise, they said that there […]

It’s horrible. It feels like I’m dying.

"The higher dragons are majestic and inviolable." Li Xuandao corners of the mouth smiling suddenly bass meaningful way "but higher dragon is not unattainable". In an instant, Aoluan’s mind was shocked. A little panic rose under her eyes, and her chest was like a deer bumping into her head. "Li Gong, I still have some […]


Although the blood shadow thief is expensive, J and jīng Yingguai, but wearing leather armor, even if there is a step defense bonus defense, it is not much higher than the blood shadow warrior. After the attack of blood shadow thief’s wrist pain was interrupted, he jumped and hid from Ye Feng’s combo. He just […]

"The sky shines brightly" has not been opened yet.

The skill of Shengguang Tianma is not powerful, but I don’t know how the four skills are awesome. "Try to fill the ice breath blue dragon skills as soon as possible …" Chu Yun muttered. Just after breakfast, she was dragged into a room by Fang Xinrong. Chu Yunyuan did something bad to herself. Unexpectedly […]

Ye Han breathed a sigh of relief. "It’s okay!"

It’s better for the soldiers to find the problem themselves than to control the sound after the Leishan wakes up. Luo Qi couldn’t help asking, "What do aliens want?" "It’s either looking for something or looking for someone, or it’s the other way around." Yip hon’s eyes are firm. If he doesn’t sit back and […]

"The smell of death is a kind of feeling … the taste is also a kind of feeling." Mu Kuangsheng pondered. "It’s like two people with blood are thousands of miles apart, and suddenly one of them has an accident. If the other is just doing nothing or sleeping, he can suddenly get an ominous feeling."

Lin listened and meditated. Mu Kuangsheng said to Lin, "Will you take another piece out?" Lin leng said, "I’ll get it without my horse." Lin immediately turned around and the floating car flew towards the mountain. It didn’t take long to fly back. This time, Lin got several pieces back, which made him crazy. Finally, […]